The University has prioritised reducing the amount of waste generated along with improving recycling rates across the campus.

  • In 2013, we recovered and recycled 71% of our 3100 tonnes of general waste.
  • In 2013, we recovered and diverted 97% of electronic waste

Waste Avoidance

The University encourages students and staff to wherever possible avoid waste generation by using reusable coffee cups and water bottles to replace disposable cups and bottles.

Campus Recycling Project

We are committed to improving its recycling rates to more than 80% across our campus. We are rolling out recycling stations across the campus to achieve this target. Commencing February 2014, bins will be installed along Eastern Avenue, Charles Perkins Centre and the Services building. The new recycling stations will be a three-colour bin system:

  • Yellow: mixed recyclables (plastics, glass, cans and paper)
  • Red: general waste (items for landfill including food waste)
  • Blue: paper and cardboard

Where our waste goes

We attempt to recover and recycle the thousands of tonnes of waste generated through a number of resource recovery services.

  • General Waste - SITA Kemps Creek Advanced Resource Recovery Facility
  • Paper - Botany VISY Material Recovery Facility
  • Mixed Recyclables - SITA
  • Electronic waste Reverse E-waste
  • Hazardous - Tox Free
  • Batteries - Tox Free