Your feedback

The University received a considerable amount of feedback on its Green Paper during the six-week comment period in March and April 2010. There were more than 300 individual and group responses. We would like to thank everybody who took the time to send us their considered and frank feedback.

This feedback generated a vast amount of information, which is being read and analysed to inform the process of drafting the University’s White Paper and draft Strategic Plan. It will also be used in group discussions on key themes that are central to our strategic planning.

We are making this feedback available here in unedited form. For usability reasons, all responses have been converted to PDF text format except where the original feedback was received in a graphic format.

You can find both the group responses (including faculty, academic unit, and SEG committee responses) and the individual responses below.

Access to these files is restricted to staff and students of the University. All files are PDFs. You can download Adobe Reader here.

Faculty responses

Academic unit responses

SEG committee responses

Other group responses

Individual responses (A-G)

Individual responses (H-N)

Individual responses (O-Z)