Green Paper

This website provides access to the University’s Green Paper, a discussion document that was published in March 2010 to assist in the preparation of the University’s next strategic plan.

Consultation on the Green Paper has now closed and we are currently reading and considering all the issues and ideas submitted.

This phase of consultation provides the basis for the development of a White Paper and strategic plan, to be finalised in July. The White Paper will outline the key decisions arising out of the Green Paper consultation, and offer a strategic plan for endorsement by the Senate of the University, together with an implementation timetable.

Although consultation has now closed, you can still read the Green Paper on this website or download it in PDF format.

The Green Paper is organised as follows:

  • The preamble sets out the context behind the Green Paper, and explains its objectives.
  • Chapter 1 sets out our proposed statement of purpose and the thinking behind it.
  • Chapter 2 discusses the external context behind our strategic planning, including issues such as international competition and public policy issues.
  • Chapter 3 discusses the internal context, including issues of duplication and overlap, physical infrastructure and the University’s financial situation.
  • Chapter 4 outlines a proposed new organisational structure for the University.
  • Chapter 5 and Chapter 6 outline our vision for education and research respectively.

Thank you for your contribution to the strategic planning process to date. We look forward to your continuing feedback.

Michael Spence
Vice-Chancellor and Principal

Stephen Garton
Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Provost

Derrick Armstrong
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education)

Ann Brewer
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Office of the Vice-Chancellor)

John Hearn
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (International)

Jill Trewhella
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research)