ICT Learning Media Production

ICT Media Production works with all schools and faculties to produce quality on-line audio and video content for research, learning and teaching. From short how-to clips, mini-lectures and interviews to more complex productions, our vast range of genres provide the flexibility to cater for a variety of style ideas to enhance learning outcomes and boost student engagement. Videos can be posted to an LMS such as Blackboard, or embedded in a website such as the new Aboriginal Kinship Project.

Short videos of around 3-5 minutes long are provided at no cost. For longer, funded, more complex projects costs will apply in line with your budget. We can consult with you over project scoping, script development, production management and budgeting.
If you would like an educational video please submit a Production Proposal, or call the ICT Help Desk on 9351 6000 (x16000).

Meet the crew

(BA Comms) Supervising Producer - faculty engagement, production manager, writer/journalist/interviewer, voice-over, quality assurance
Timothy Harland (BA Fine Arts) Videographer - director, camera, sound, lighting, editor
Jonathan Hunter (BA Electronic Art) Videographer - director, camera, sound, lighting, editor


Mini-lectures are typically under ten minutes long and include a piece to camera as well as accompanying images, film clips, graphics and text. They're succinct, with tight more colloquial scripting best suited for on-line presentations and MOOCs. A green screen equipped production studio enables flexible chroma key background effects that are created in post production.


Mini-Lecture: Ancient Japan

School of Languages and Cultures

  • 8:05 minutes

Mini-Lecture: South East Asia Culture & Religion

School of Languages and Cultures

  • 9:36 minutes

Mini-Lecture: Korea Popular Culture 1950's & 60's

School of Languages and Cultures

  • 3:49 minutes

Simple how-to clips

These videos exemplify the features of the classic how-to clip. They are short, punchy, and provide clear and concise step-by-step instruction. With minimal scripting and a quick turnaround, these videos are generally 3-5 minutes long and are provided at no cost.


CPC X-Lab: Student Workstation

How to use the AV system

  • 2:54 minutes

Vascular Access Creation

Sydney Medical School

  • 2:42 minutes

Requesting an Educational Video

ICT Learning Media Production

  • 1:33 minutes

Lab Lanterns: A Beginners Guide

Discipline of Pharmacology

  • 2:20 minutes

Sydney Genesis: Cash Flow

Business School

  • 3:22 minutes

How to use the DIY loan video camera

ICT AV Services

  • 4:09 minutes

More complex how-to videos

Here are examples of more complex demonstration style videos. They can capture complicated demonstrations or difficult to replicate experiments. On-line access enables a broad reach and students can go over and over more tricky bits for improved comprehension.


Introduction to Microtomy

Australian Centre for Microscopy & Microanalysis (ACMM)

  • 5:42 minutes

Serial Dilution

Sydney Medical School

  • 7:35 minutes

Equine Field Anaesthesia

SydFaculty of Veterinary Science

  • 20:27 minutes

Paediatric Nose Examination

Sydney Medical School

  • 10:35 minutes

Choosing Your Units of Study

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

  • 3:27 minutes

Higher quality, multi-faceted videos

These videos demonstrate higher quality production techniques with a variety of material including interviews, scripted narration, presenters, animation, text and overlay such as shots of classroom interaction to explain and contextualise complicated concepts for greater student engagement and enhanced learning outcomes.


Mapping for Human Rights and Social Justice

Department of Sociology and Social Policy

  • 5:06 minutes

Principles & Practice of Teaching: Adam Bridgeman

The Institute for Teaching and Learning (ITL)

  • 3:50 minutes

Aboriginal Kinship Presentation: Nations Clans and Family Groups

National Centre for Cultural Competence

  • 3:48 minutes

Aboriginal Kinship Presentation: Language and Traditional Affiliations

National Centre for Cultural Competence

  • 3:15 minutes

How to Clone a Gene

School of Molecular Bioscience

  • 22:22 minutes

Interviews, scripted narratives and role plays

Interviews are great for eliciting interesting information from leaders in their field for engaging learning. Scripted narratives can be created for succinct and structured content, and the role play is an effective way to explain and demonstrate the importance of empathetic communication for positive outcomes.


The History of Ideas

The Sydney Intellectual History Network - An interview with Professor Anthony Grafton

  • 4:37 minutes

A Patient Death: The Situation

Sydney Nursing School. Other videos in this series address 'Emotions' and 'Strategies'

  • 2:25 minutes

Video for research and other projects

We produce educational videos that enhance research projects and help to explain complex topics. Video can be used as an effective observational tool, as shown in the one we made for the School of Psychology. The Dentistry 'Guide to Examination' has been included to further illustrate the versatility of video for research, learning and teaching.


Mother-Infant Still-Face Procedure

School of Psychology

  • 12:19 minutes

The Foraging Tight-Rope

School of Biological Sciences

  • 2:52 minutes

Tooth Conservation Skills: A Guide to Examination

Faculty of Dentistry

  • 5:31 minutes

Please go here if you require a promotional video. For recording lectures or presentations, we have DIY cameras and Echo360 recording tools. For more information, please contact the ICT Help Desk on 9351 6000 (x16000) and select option 2.