Information technology help

You can find basic IT support information on these pages. If you are a staff member, log in to the intranet for IT support. Students can use the Student IT website.

In all cases, you can ring the ICT helpdesk on +61 2 9351 6000, or on 16000 from an internal line.

Service Interruptions

Service name: ITSM: Start date: Expected resolution:
Data Network INC0144206 25-11-2015 00:00
Network is intermittently unavailable in A08 - Heydon Laurence building...more
Sharepoint CHG0046037 20-11-2015 21:00 23-11-2015 09:00
Sharepoint maintenance...more

Wireless access for visitors

Visitors of the University can use the University guest wireless network wherever there is wireless coverage on campus.

If you are a visitor and need to use the guest wireless network, you will need to enable WI-FI on your device and connect to the UniSydney-Guest wireless network. To connect:

  1. Enable wireless on your device.
  2. Connect to UniSydney-Guest wireless. Open an internet browser such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. If you are not prompted, visit and type in your Username and Password.
  3. If you have already been given account details by the person you are visiting, enter them in the Username and Password fields and you will be granted network access.
  4. If you have not been given account details, click on Create Account and you will be directed to the enrolment page.
  5. In the Sponsor's Email field, enter the email address of the person you are visiting. Please note that only email addresses ending in or will be accepted.
  6. Complete the required fields as appropriate and click Register.
  7. You will now see a display of your login details and you will be advised that your account is disabled pending approval by the person you are visiting.
  8. When your user account is approved, you will receive an SMS or email with your login details.
  9. Follow steps 1 to 4 above to be granted network access.

UniKey - account expiry

UniKey accounts are issued to staff, contractors, students and some affiliates and Honorary title holders of the University of Sydney and are only available to people as long as they have a current affiliation with the University. In most cases accounts are expired as a result of information gathered from the University's HR and Student Records systems.

Note: For continuing staff members, your UniKey account will automatically be reactivated once you receive a new employment contract.

For affiliates, honorary title holders and contractors, the expiry date is set at the time of account creation and must be updated manually.

How do I request a UniKey account extension?
For information on how to request an extension of your UniKey account, please click on the link below which best describes your situation.

If you urgently need to have your UniKey extended, please ask your manager to log a job through the ICT Self Service Portal and the Helpdesk may be able to extend your account for two weeks to give HR or your unit/faculty time to arrange a more permanent extension.

UniKey - forgotten password

You can reset your password over the phone by contacting the ICT Helpdesk on +61 2 9351 6000. You will need to provide some details to confirm your identity.

Alternatively you can bring photo ID to an ICT staffed computing space and have your password reset in person.

Synchronising your UniKey

Sometimes your UniKey can become locked out or out of synchronisation, causing you to lose access to only some services accessed by your UniKey. If this happens, you can unlock your account or regain access to certain systems by synchronising your password. The synchronisation process takes around 15 minutes. If you are still experiencing UniKey account issues after synchronising your password, please contact the ICT Helpdesk on 9351 6000.

Audiovisual equipment in University venues

The University has a number of venues equipped with audiovisual equipment to support your seminar/lecture. This includes equipment such as:

  • Data projectors with dual projection
  • Computers
  • Visualisers (document cameras)
  • Interactive screens
  • User-friendly touch panels
  • Student interactive kits
  • Lecture recording tools

For specific information about a venue, please check the equipment listing by venue spreadsheet (XLS 230KB).

To book a venue, please visit the University venues booking website.

If you need help using the AV equipment in your venue call (02) 9351 6000 (16000 from internal phones) and select option 2. You can also watch these videos to help you use University AV systems in teaching venues across campus.

Recording a lecture in University venues

The University uses a program called Echo360 to record lectures. If you are a visiting lecturer at the University, ask the staff member who has organised your visit to arrange lecture recording for you.

Where a visiting lecturer presents as part of a series that is pre-booked for recording, your lapel microphone and screen will be automatically recorded.

If recording has not been pre-booked, you can record your lecture or presentation using the Echosystem Personal Capture software on computers in University venues. Once complete, you can copy the recording to a USB stick.