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The Australian Centre for Microscopy & Microanalysis

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The Australian Centre for Microscopy & Microanalysis (ACMM) is the University's largest core research facility, providing specialist microscopy and microanalysis equipment and services to hundreds of users each year. As one of the largest and most comprehensive facilities of its kind in the world, SMM provides access to world class instruments, highly specialised staff, research services and training to enable research into physical and biological structures at micro, nano and atomic scales. While SMM is predominantly used by researchers based at the University of Sydney, its facilities are available to all Australian researchers from research institutions, government and industry. The facility's Director is .

The core activities of the facility include: research services, research programs and research training.

  1. The facility’s research services are delivered by Sydney Microscopy & Microanalysis (SMM). Our interdisciplinary team of technical staff are highly skilled in translating the capabilities of our broad range of microscopy and microanalysis instruments into research outcomes for our users.
  2. The research programs of the academics and researchers affiliated with the facility involve the development and application of advanced methodologies in microscopy and microanalysis. This local (or 'native') research is an essential part of maintaining a world-class facility and ensures that the technical and scientific staff are able to solve the research challenges of our large user community.
  3. Research training involves teaching users the theoretical basis, and practical use, of advanced microscopes and microanalysis instruments.

The Australian Centre for Microscopy & Microanalysis (ACMM) is the largest and most comprehensive facility of its type in Australia. We are also headquarters to Microscopy Australia. Researchers have access to an outstanding array of nanostructural analysis equipment, within SMM and at our partner nodes.

The facility is a major contributor to the University’s research output, and plays a vital role in supporting the microscopy community through training and consulting.

Microscopy Australia

Access microscopy and microanalysis at our locations around Australia. Our optical, electron, X-ray, scanning and ion-beam techniques are complimented by world-leading platforms such as atom probe tomography and advanced ion probes. Try our popular online tools, TechFi and MyScope to advance your research and microscopy training.

From healthcare to agriculture, engineering to archaeology, we enable Australian science. In addition to our core offering of microscopes, training and services to researchers, we engage with the wider community through exhibitions, publications and conferences.

´╗┐´╗┐Major microscopy facilities (Nodes) and Linked Laboratories united to form Microscopy Australia. Our collaboration uses specialised resources efficiently to enable better research outcomes.

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