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Sept. - Dec. 2011
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Introduction to IMOD. Conferences. Members of parliament visit. FLIM Workshop. Incredible Inner Space. Help us to help you.

July-August 2011
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Live-cell imaging. Light & Optical: new additions. The XL30 SEM finds a new home. Schools Open Days. The French Connection. G'day from Jakarta. ACMM Semester 2 Courses.

May - June 2011
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Material at the nanoscale. New Humboldtian scholar. New faces at the ACMM.

March-April 2011
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Farewell to Prof. Cockayne. Additional SEM microscopes. New multiphoton microscope. ACMM Introductory Courses. Alexandre La Fontaine in South America. Plant Science blossoms. Dr Manasa Gudheti Visiting Research Fellow. Microscopy and Macroscopy in the USA.

October 2010
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Forthcoming Instruments. 5-D Correlative Microscopy. Two New FIB-SEM Instruments. Welcome to New Staff and Students. Virtual Conference on Nanoscale Science and Technology (VCNST). Egg-citing Research. New Booking Arrangements for Quanta. Report from Rio.

August 2010
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The Road to Rio. New Technique Finder. TechVouchers Scheme. ACMM at Shanghai World Expo. Allan Jones on ABC Catalyst. Schools Open Days 2010. IFES Comes to Sydney.

June 2010
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ACMM Launch and Open House. Cryongenic Electron. Interview with Dr Peter Frederik. Diagonising Lupus. Our Users' Publications
25 April 2010
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Why the New Look? A Word from the Editor. EMU Takes Flight with a New Name. Get an Inside Look at the ACMM. Only the Name's Changed. History Explained. The ACMM Newsletter Team.
24 January/February 2010
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Planning Day 2009. Access Through National Competitive Grants. Facilitating Indigenous Collaboration. LIEF Success. Going 3-D with nano-CT. Farewell to Dr Peter Hines – Welcome to Dr Patrick Trimby. Professor Paul Robinson. Teaching Timetable 2010
23 September/October 2009
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Fidel Castro, Jr. Visits the EMU. Feedback on the Survey. News from the Laboratories. Talented Students Display Their Talents for Microscopy. Bits 'n Pieces
22 July/August 2009
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The Unit Welcomes New Staff. Kids Get Hands-on with Microscopes. Goodbye Jody Cutler. Living Large at Microscopy and Microanalysis. Vive la France – Continental Students Make an Impact
21 May/June 2009
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Update from the SEM Front. 3rd Microscopy Australia (formerly AMMRF) Strategic Planning Workshop. Materials Australia – Microscopy Symposium. Kristina Jahn Receives Postgraduate Research Prize. Making Our Images Work for Us. Reviving the EMU's Corridors. Users' Publications – Acknowledging Your Success
20 March/April 2009
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Great Success for 1st Sydney Advanced Light and Optical Microscopy Meeting. Micro-Finite Element Analysis at the EMU. TEM Triplets Arrive. Interactive Micrographs. PhD Student Bonanza at the Key Centre – A Unique Blend
19 January/February 2009
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Outcomes of the 2008 User Survey. Sydney Advanced Light and Optical Microscopy Meeting. Advice for ARC and NHMRC Grant Applicants. Donation of Qemscan Mineral Analysis System. Farewell 2008. Teaching Timetable 2009. Welcome Dr Dave Mitchell
18 November/December 2008
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A Golden End to a Golden Year – ARC Success for the EMU – SEM Expert Visits EMU – Accessing the EMU and Microscopy Australia (formerly AMMRF) through National Competitive Grants – The Low Down on the New Optical Microscopes.
17 August/September 2008
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Excellence in Microscopy – Commemorative Symposium. Women in Science – Ellie Kable. Small Matters Opening Event. Biosciences Get a Boost. Dr Jenny Whiting & Amanda Smith. A visit to the EMU – Mr Jason Van Sluytman.
16 June/July 2008
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Welcome to the Show! Update from the Building Site. Zeiss Ultra Plus Lands at the EMU. An SEM in Backpack Format. Welcome Dr Rebecca Powles. Research Highlight of an EMU User
15 April/May 2008
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EMU Staff Help Build Microscopy Australia (formerly AMMRF) Community. New EMU Website. EMU Commemorative Symposium. EMU Blitz: The Renovation Begins. Dr Gwénaëlle Proust. Dr Willie J.C. Geerts. Thanks to Dr Ian Kaplin. Seminar Highlights – Professors Simon Ringer & John Robinson.
14 February/March 2008
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Nobel Laureate Reviews the EMU. International Collaborative Partnership. Happy Birthday EMU. EMU Involvement in ACMM20. Major Changes at the EMU. Staff & Conference News.
13 November/December 2007
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It's Time to Celebrate! The EMU's Golden Jubilee 2008. EMU Shutdown Between Christmas and New Year. Journal Front Covers 2007. Conference News. Award for PhD Student Anna Ceguerra. Microscopes on the Move Travels to the Northern Territory. Accessing the EMU and Microscopy Australia (formerly AMMRF) through National Competitive Grants
12 September/October 2007
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Microscopy Australia (formerly AMMRF) – Open for Business! ARC Success for the EMU. EMU Christmas Party Invitation. Welcome Baptiste Gault & Flame Burgmann. New TEM Facilities Upgrades. Atom Probe Tomography at the Unit: An Update. Unlocking the Secrets of Doping Optical Fibres
11 June/July 2007
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Farewell NANO – Welcome Microscopy Australia (formerly AMMRF). New NSOM Arrived. Winter Research Student Award. Careers in Research: Information Session and BBQ. Upcoming Raman Workshop at the EMU. Change of Role: Dr Peter Hines. Conference Report: Materials and Austceram 2007. Golden Jubilee for the EMU  
10 April/May 2007
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NanoVic Arts Prize for Peter Liddicoat. Advancements in TEM Holder Design. The Retrospective of a PhD Student. Report from the 1st Australian Correlative Microscopy Workshop. Changes in the EMU's Basement Area. Upcoming EMU Seminars  
9 February/March 2007
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EMU Future Focus Day. New Staff at the EMU. NANO Scholarship Awards. 1st Australian Correlative Microscopy Workshop. EMU Seminar Series 2007  
8 November/December 2006
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Grant Success for the EMU. Expressions of Interest for Establishing a FESEM. Changes to EMU Access Costs. Accessing the EMU and NANO-MNRF through National Competitive Grants. NANO Annual Report. PhD Opportunities. Welcome Jody Cutler. NANO Scholarship Awards  
7 September/October 2006
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From the Desk of the Lab Manager. NANO Student Researcher Awards. How the EMU Provides Eyes to Food Science. Photoactivatable Fluorescent Proteins in Live Cell Imaging. About the Place of Imagination in Science  
6 July/August 2006
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New Vitrobot at the EMU. Collaborative Initiative of the Department of Archaeology and EMU. Carbon Nanotube Nanothermometers. Master of Applied Science  
5 May/June 2006
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New Gentle Mill. Prize for Outstanding General Staff Mentor. Award for EMU User. Timetable Update. Postgraduate Degrees at the EMU. Overseas Student Kristina Jahn  
4 March/April 2006
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Wallac VICTOR3 V Multilabel Counter. Innovation Awards. Jenny Pollack. Courses Timetable 2006. NANO Workshop  
3 January/February 2006
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ACMM19. National Competitive Grants. FEI Quanta 3D Platform. GFP Research. NANO's ARC Success  
2 November/December 2005
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New Morada 11 MegaPixel CCD TEM Camera. NSOM Coming Soon. Research Grant News. New Instrument Booking System  
1 April 2005
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What’s new in the Light and Laser Optics Area of EMU?