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Dr. Anna Ceguerra


Ph: + 61 2 9036 6416
Fax: + 61 2 9351 7682

Research Interests
Dr. Anna Ceguerra’s research interests are in understanding the chemistry and structure of materials at the atomic scale. Her research is in the nexus of computer science, microscopy and materials engineering. Knowledge of the nanostructure informs structure-processing-property relationships in materials engineering. Atom probe microscopy is a particularly exciting technique in this endeavour, as it resolves each individual atom’s position along with its chemical identity in 3D. It requires the development of advanced computational tools to detect the information required from these large datasets of hundreds of millions atoms.

Research Expertise

  • Atom Probe Microscopy
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Data mining
  • Nanostructural characterisation
  • Computer Science
  • Mathematics

Anna’s expertise is in developing computational techniques for the analysis of atom probe microscopy data. This data is then used for density functional theory calculations for calculating properties for engineering materials.


  • PhD in Science (2011), Microscopy & Microanalysis, The University of Sydney, Australia
  • Bachelor of Science (Advanced) Honours Class I (2002), Computer Science, The University of Sydney, Australia

After completing her Bachelor of Advanced Science in Computer Science, Anna worked as an application developer at IBM Australia for four years. She completed her PhD in Microscopy & Microanalysis under the Faculty of Science, The University of Sydney, before becoming a Research Associate in 2011 at the Faculty of Engineering & Information Technologies.

Science Communication

Current Student Projects Under Supervision

  • Advanced reconstruction for atom probe tomography (AMME honours thesis)
  • Advanced Space Project
  • Nanostructural investigations of doped silicon (AMME fourth year project)
  • Field desorption map simulations for atom probe reconstructions using TAPSIM (PhD)
  • Automatic mass ranging for atom probe microscopy (PhD)
  • Lattice distortion correction for atom probe microscopy (PhD)


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