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A/Prof. Guy Cox

Honorary Associate Professor

Ph: + 61 2 9351 3176
Fax: + 61 2 9351 7682

BA 1967 (Oxon) DPhil 1972 (Oxon) MA 1975 (Oxon).

1972 - 1975 Department of Plant Science, University of Leeds. PostdoctoralResearch Fellow
1975 – 2005 Electron Microscope Unit, University of Sydney. (Deputy Director 2001-2005)

Engagement with the Unit
My major retirement project was a textbook, Optical Imaging Techniques in Cell Biology, which is scheduled to go into a second edition late in 2011. Another, multi-author, book on fluorescence techniques is scheduled for a slightly later time slot. I am also involved in a number of book chapters.

In research I am collaborating on super-resolution with Assoc Prof Liz Harry (UTS), on red blood cell properties with Prof Phil Kuchel (MMB) and on coral pigments with Dr Anya Salih (UWS).

Other Research interests
Super-resolution microscopy, and the early evolution of photosynthetic organisms, are my major current research interests.

Selected publications

  1. G.C. Cox. Optical Imaging Techniques in Cell Biology. Taylor & Francis / CRC Press Boca Raton & New York, 2007, 268pp
  2. G.C. Cox and F.E. Sanders, 1974. Ultrastructure of the host- fungus interface in a vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhiza. New Phytologist 73, 901-942.
  3. G.C. Cox and P.B. Tinker, 1976. Translocation and transfer of nutrients in vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizas. I. The arbuscule and phosphorus transfer: a quantitative ultrastructural study. New Phytologist 77, 371-378.
  4. G.C. Cox, D. Benson & D.M. Dwarte, 1981. Ultrastructure of a cave-wall cyanophyte - Gloeocapsa NS4. Archives of Microbiology 130, 165-174
  5. Larkum, A.W.D., Scaramuzzi C., Cox, G.C., Hiller R.G. and Turner, A.G., 1994. A light harvesting chlorophyll-c-like pigment in Prochloron. Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci., USA, 91, 679-683.
  6. Salih, AWD Larkum, G Cox, M Kühl and O HoeghGuldberg, 2000. Fluorescent pigments in corals are photoprotective. Nature 408, 850-853
  7. Guy Cox, Eleanor Kable, Allan Jones, Ian Fraser, Frank Manconi and Mark D. Gorrell. 2003. 3-dimensional imaging of collagen using second harmonic generation. Journal of Structural Biology, 141, 53 –62

Optical Imaging Techniques in Cell Biology
Optical Imaging Techniques in Cell Biology
The new book by the EMU's A/Prof. Guy Cox, with contributions by Eleanor Kable, Dr Nuno Moreno and Dr Teresa Dibbayawan
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