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Ellie Kable

Facility Manager

Ph: + 61 2 9351 7566
Fax: + 61 2 9351 7682

M.Sc. University of Queensland, Dept. Biochemistry, (Part time 1984-1987). Thesis title: "Redox Agents and Glutathione Metabolism in Human Melanoma." Masters Qualifying, (Honours equivalent), University of Queensland, Dept. Biochemistry, 1982. B.Sc., Griffith University, School of Science, 1979-1981. Double Major in Biological Chemistry and Biology.

During her career Ellie has engaged in a cross-disciplinary research career in the biological/physical sciences. Initially she engaged in medical research projects which included Vitamin B12 metablolism and a research masters thesis on cancer chemotherapy of melanomas. She then worked for 3 years in a biophysics laboratory at Cornell University (USA) in a technical capacity. It is here that Ellie gained early confocal microscopy knowledge. She did a short stint in London studying cytomeglovirus using confocal microscopy and on coming back to Australia returned to the medical research studying the role of calcium in hypertension using live cell microscopy techniques. Since joining the Australian Centre for Microscopy & Micronanalysis Ellie has worked in a teaching and research capacity with the confocal and light microscopy as her expertise.

Ellie's role is to manage the Centre’s laboratories for successful delivery of Centre's research services, research programs and research training. To enable and, where possible, develop new research and teaching programs in microscopy and analysis and to manage their implementation. Provide training and support for both staff and users of the Facility and to provide strategic support to the Director on matters concerning microscopy and analysis, particularly in terms of integration of laboratory activities at Sydney with those at other nodes of the AMMRF.

Research interests
Her research interests are in the application of optical microscopy to living systems. This has led her to learn about a variety of very new techniques, including non-linear microscopy, fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET) and fluorescence lifetime imaging (FLIM). Although her position does not allow very much time for independent research, Ellie has been involved with a variety of collaborative projects with Department of Pharmacy, Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Physics, Centenary Institute, University of NSW and the University of New England.

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