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Dr Ian Kaplin

Senior Microscopist, SEM Specialist

Ph: + 61 2 9351 3302
Fax: + 61 2 9351 7682

BSc (CE), University of Sydney, 1966; MSc, University of NSW, 1972; PhD, University of NSW, 1979.

Professional Officer, ACMM, University of Sydney, 1982 to present. Deutsches Wollforschungsinstitut, Aachen, Germany, 1979 to 1982. Over 30 years experience in Electron Microscopy.

Ian's main focus in the ACMM has been on the support of our users on both scanning and transmission electron microscopes. This includes a leading role in our microscope training courses and also in the teaching of microanalysis. He is also heavily involved with the undergraduate and schools outreach visits.

Research interests
His basic interest is in the development, ultrastructure, and composition of keratin fibres. During Ian's time in the ACMM, this has extended to collaborations ranging from the biological sciences, veterinary science and medicine to the physical and earth sciences including chemistry, physics, aeromechanical and mechatronic engineering as well as geoscience.

Selected publications

  • Formation of Surface Membranes in Developing Mammalian Hair Fibres. L N Jones, T J Horr and I J Kaplin, Micron, 25, 589 – 595 (1994).
  • Elemental Distributions in Keratin Fibre/Follicle Sections. L N Jones, M Cholewa, I J Kaplin, G E Legge and R W Ollerhead, Proc 8th Int Wool Text Res Conf, New Zealand, I, 246 – 255 (1990).
  • Characterization of Dodecylphosphocholine/Myelin Basic Protein Complexes, G L Mendz, W J Moore, I J Kaplin, et al, Biochemistry, 27, 379 – 3386 (1988).
  • Effect of Quinidine on Platelets, B H Chong and I J Kaplin, Haemostasis, 20, 106 – 111 (1990).
  • An Electron Microscope Study of Fibril : Matrix Arrangements in High- and Low-crimp Wool Fibres, Aust J Biol Sci, 31, 231 – 240 (1978).

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