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Dr Gwénaëlle Proust

Joint Lecturer
Australian Centre of Microscopy and Microanalysis
School of Civil Engineering
School of Aerospace, Mechanical & Mechatronic Engineering

Ph: + 61 2 9036 9491
Fax: + 61 2 9351 7682

Diplôme d’ingénieur (eq.BE), 1999, ISITEM (France); Master, 2002, Drexel University (USA); Ph.D., 2005, Drexel University (USA)


  • 2008 – Present: joint lecturer at the ACMM, School of Civil Engineering and AMME, University of Sydney
    2005 – 2007: Post-Doctoral Research Associate, Los Alamos National Laboratory (USA)

Research interests

  • Study and modeling of elastic and plastic deformation of metals with an emphasis on hexagonal metals and alloys.
    Application of material characterization techniques to studying microstructure-property relationships with an emphasis on electron backscattered diffraction.

Selected Publications

  1. G. Proust, G. Kaschner, I. Beyerlein, B. Clausen, D. Brown, R. McCabe & C. Tomé (2010) Detwinning of pure zirconium: in-situ neutron diffraction experiments, Experimental Mechanics 50: 125-133.
  2. G. Kaschner, M. Lovato, M. Stout, G. Proust, C. Liu, I. Beyerlein, I. Usov, Y. Wang & C. Tomé (2010) Mini-Tensile Experiments of Clock-Rolled Zirconium Plate, Experimental Mechanics 50: 65-70.
  3. G. Proust, C. Tomé, A. Jain & S. Agnew (2009) Modeling the effect of twinning and detwinning during strain-path changes of magnesium alloy AZ31, International Journal of Plasticity 25: 861-880.
  4. R. McCabe, G. Proust, E. Cerreta & A. Misra (2009) Quantitative analysis of deformation twinning in zirconium, International Journal of Plasticity 25: 454-472.
  5. X. Wu, G. Proust, M. Knezevic & S.R. Kalidindi (2007) Elastic-plastic property closures for hexagonal close-packed polycrystalline metals using first-order bounding theories, Acta Materialia 55: 2729-2737.
  6. G. Proust, C.N. Tomé & G.C. Kaschner (2007) Modeling texture, twinning and hardening evolution during deformation of hexagonal materials, Acta Materialia 55, 2137-2148.
  7. G. Proust & S.R. Kalidindi (2006) Procedures for construction of anisotropic elastic-plastic property closures for face-centered cubic polycrystals using first order bounding relations, Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids 54: 1744-1762

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