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Chris Wong

PhD Student

Ph: + 61 2 9351 7551
Fax: + 61 2 9351 7682

BSc, 2006, USyd; MSc, 2007, USyd

Lab Technician at Kogarah Hospital organising errands for day to day microbiological testing.
Research Assistant investigating the 3D conformation of vestibula structures

Research project
Chris is working with A/Prof. Allan S. Jones (Image Analysis), Prof. Ian Curthoys (Psychology) and Prof. Steven O’Leary (Otolaryngology) on the “Visualisation of the Cochlear Implant/Tissue interface using non-destructive X-ray Microtomography”. The Project aims to visualise and assess the interaction between delicate tissue structures within the cochlea and the implantted electrode array.

Selected Publications

  1. Wong, C., Cairney, J. and Ruys, A. J., FREEZE-DRIED NANOPARTICULATE SOLS, Materials Forum (2008), 32:78-81.
  2. Curthoys, I.S., Uzun-Coruhl, H., Wong, C.C., Jones, A.S. and Bradshaw, A.P., The Configuration and Attachment of the Utricular and Saccular Maculae to the Temporal Bone. New Evidence from Micro-CT studies of the Labyrinth, Annals of New York Academy of Science, 2008.

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