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Dr Wenrong Yang

Honorary Research Fellow

Ph: + 61 2 9351 7548
Fax: + 61 2 9351 7682

B.S. 1991; M.S. 1996, Yunnan University; PhD UNSW, 2002.

Wenrong obtained his PhD from the UNSW with Prof. Justin Gooding and Prof. Bryn Hibbert in 2002 and worked then at CSIRO as a CSIRO post-doctoral fellow before returning to UNSW in 2005. He was awarded a University of Sydney Postdoctoral Fellowship and joined the EMU on 01 March 2007 to work with A/Prof. Filip Braet on bioelectronics research. Wenrong has been working on the development of electrochemical sensing arrays, on the characterisation DNA-directed assembly of carbon nanotubes and nanostructure thin films, and single molecule conductivity by means of scanning probe microscopy techniques. Wenrong has a lead in the Key Centre's STM, AFM, SPM and NSOM-related research projects.

Research interests
His research involves nanostructuring surfaces to provide them with unique functionality. Besides his current research focus, his interests are:

  • Molecular electronics;
  • Biosensors based on nanostructured materials;
  • Design and synthesis of nanoparticles to be used as probes and carriers in biological systems;
  • New phenomena associated with bio-nanostructures.

Selected publications

  1. Yang WR (2008) STM based break Junction as a Tool in Rapid Measurement of Single-Molecule Conductance. Australian Journal of Chemistry Accepted.
  2. Lam SKH, Yang WR, Wiogo HTR, Foley CP (2008) Attachment of magnetic molecules on a nanoSQUID. Nanotechnology 19.
  3. Yang WRR, Jones MW, Li XL, Eggers PK, Tao NJ, Gooding JJ, Paddon-Row MN (2008) Single molecule conductance through rigid norbornylogous bridges with zero average curvature. Journal of Physical Chemistry C 112, 9072-9080.
  4. Yang WR, Gooding JJ, He ZC, Li Q, Chen GN (2007) Fast colorimetric detection of copper ions using L-cysteine functionalized gold nanoparticles. J. Nanosci. Nanotech. 7, 712-716.
  5. Yang WR, Liu JQ, Zheng RK, Liu ZW, Dai Y, Chen GN, Ringer SP, Braet F (2008) Ionic Liquid-Assisted Synthesis of Polyaniline/Gold Nanocomposite and Its Biocatalytic Application. [[i||Nanoscale Research letters 3.-
  6. Yang WR, Moghaddam M, Taylor S, Bojarski B, Wieczorek L, Herrmann J, McCall M (2007) Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes with DNA recognition. Chem. Phys. Lett. 443, 169-172.
  7. Yang WR, Thordarson P, Gooding JJ, Ringer SP, Braet F (2007) Carbon nanotubes for biological and biomedical applications. Nanotechnology 18, 412001.
  8. Gooding JJ, Wibowo R, Liu JQ, Yang WR, Losic D, Orbons S, Mearns FJ, Shapter JG, Hibbert DB (2003) Protein electrochemistry using aligned carbon nanotube arrays. J. Amer. Chem. Soc. 125, 9006-9007.

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