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Dr Hung-Wei (Homer) Yen

Atom Probe Scientist

Ph: + 61 2 9036 9107
Fax: + 61 2 9351 7682

B. Eng., 2006, NTU; Ph. D., 2011, NTU

2012-present: Atom Probe Scientist, Australian Centre for Microscopy and Microanalysis, The University of Sydney
2011-2012: Postdoctoral Fellow & Secretary, ASMC-ERC, NTU
2011: Visiting Scientist, Dept. of Mech. Eng., HKU
2007-2011: TEM Technical Assistant, Dept. of Mat. Sci. Eng., National Taiwan University
2007: Visiting Scientist, Computational Metallurgy Lab, GIFT, POSTECH

Research Project
Dr Hung-Wei Yen is working with Prof. Simon Ringer on the project “Enabling Materials Design via Atom Probe Microscopy” at the ACMM. The focus will be on solute engineering, control of nanoscale precipitation reactions, segregation and grain boundary engineering. The research will primarily be fundamental in nature and seek to develop understanding and strategies that can expand the property performance space of various engineering alloys.

Selected publications

  1. H.-W. Yen, M. Huang, C.P. Scott, J.-R. Yang: “Interactions between deformation-induced defects and carbides in a vanadium-containing TWIP steel”, Scripta Materialia (invited paper), 2012, 66 (12), pp. 1018-1023.
  2. F.G. Caballero, H.-W. Yen, M.K. Miller, J.-R. Yang, J. Cornide, C. Garcia-Mateo: “Complementary use of transmission electron microscopy and atom probe tomography for the examination of plastic accommodation in nanocrystalline bainitic steels”, 2011, Acta Materialia, 59 (15), pp. 6117-6123.
  3. H.-W. Yen, P.-Y. Chen, C.-Y. Huang, J.-R. Yang: “Interphase precipitation of nanometer-sized carbides in a titanium-molybdenum-bearing low-carbon steel”, 2011, Acta Materialia, 59 (16), pp. 6264-6274.
  4. H.-W. Yen, C.-Y. Chen, T.-Y. Wang, C.-Y. Huang, J.-R. Yang: “Orientation relationship transition of nanometre sized interphase precipitated TiC carbides in Ti bearing steel”, 2010, Materials Science and Technology, 26 (4), pp. 421-430.
  5. H.-W. Yen, C.-Y. Huang, J.-R. Yang: “Characterization of interphase-precipitated nanometer-sized carbides in a Ti-Mo-bearing steel”, 2009, Scripta Materialia, 61 (6), pp. 616-619.
  6. 6. C.-Y. Chen, H.-W. Yen, F.-H. Kao, W.-C. Li, C.-Y. Huang, J.-R. Yang, S.-H. Wang: “Precipitation hardening of high-strength low-alloy steels by nanometer-sized carbides”, 2009, Materials Science and Engineering A, 499 (1-2), pp. 162-166.
  7. 7. C.-Y. Chen, H.-W. Yen, J.-R.Yang: “Sympathetic nucleation of austenite in a Fe-22Cr-5Ni duplex stainless steel”, 2007, Scripta Materialia, 56 (8), pp. 673-676.

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