Microscopy Courses

Microscopy Teaching

SMM offers a range of short courses and workshops. We also have excellent online training modules available in the use of the following instruments via the MyScope interactive training resource:

Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM): ACMM customised module
Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM)
X-ray defraction (XRD)
Scanning Probe and Atomic Force Microscopy
Confocal Microscopy

Our experts in sample preparation run dedicated hand-on workshops which are listed below. Upon successful completion of these courses a certificate is provided.

In addition, we offer specialised workshops, based on demand, in a wide range of microscopy techniques. Customised courses can be arranged for people with specific needs and limited time.

The basic fee for each current course (excluding GST) is shown in the timetable below.

To enrol in a course please refer to the Accessing SMM page. Enrolments close two weeks before the course starts. Cancellations must be notified one week in advance, otherwise a cancellation fee may apply.


Information for undergraduate unit co-ordinators

SMM offers specialised workshops, based on demand, in a wide range of microscopy techniques. Customised training can be arranged if you have specific needs and limited time. If you would like to book a visit and/or demonstration at SMM as part of your undergraduate subject, please email our Administrative Assistant at with the following information:

  • Proposed date/s of visit/demonstration
  • Unit name and code
  • Topics to be covered
  • Name of instrument/s to be booked
  • Number of students
  • Number of SMM technical and/or academic staff requested to be available
  • Amount of instrument time, face-to-face technical staff time and face-to-face academic staff time requested
  • Internal Responsibility Code (RC) and Project Code (PC) to be charged

Once your request is received, you will be contacted by a member of staff to confirm your booking and plan your visit.

The fees are:

  • $120 per hour per instrument
  • $180 per hour per staff member

Timetable for 2015 - Courses and workshops

Cell Culture Workshop

Semester 1: Tuesday 10 February, 9am-4pm, Madsen Building (F09)

 Name Cell Culture Workshop

An introduction to aseptic technique, maintaining cell cultures, determining cell viability, precautionary measures for preventing contamination and working in PC2 laboratories.

This half day workshop aims to provide a strong basis for new Users, Honours, PhD students and research staff in cell culture experimental skills which are critical to their research projects.

Cost per person

$95 (attendees from University of Sydney)

$160 + GST (attendees from other universities/research organisations)

$220 + GST (attendees from external commercial organisations)

Introduction to IMOD modelling for Biologists: 3-D transmission electron microscopy (TEM)

Dates: we invite you to express your interest, course runs subject to demand
Increasingly electron microscopy is becoming tomography, generating three-dimensional structural information about samples at the nanoscale. The challenge to produce the 3-D models of biological samples from the transmission electron microscopy (TEM) images. Even after extensive training on how to collect TEM tomograms, the raw tilt series may end up in storage without any further use. To address this problem, the ACMM offers the Introduction to IMOD, the most commonly used reconstruction software in electron tomography (http://bio3d.colorado.edu/imod/).
This popular course was run twice in 2012 and the ACMM may offer it again if there is sufficient demand. If you would like to attend the IMOD introductory course, please send your request to: