Workshops 2013

ACMM hosts CLEM Masterclass June 3-6 2013

Correlative Light Electron Microscopy (CLEM) Masterclass incorporating the 3rd Australian CLEM Workshop

This AMMRF–EMBL Australia Masterclass will equip Australian researchers with skills in CLEM for life sciences and connect them to facilities where the techniques are openly accessible.

CLEM Masterclass – teachers:

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  • Paul Verkade, University of Bristol
  • Thomas Muller-Reichert, Technische Universität Dresden
  • Yannick Schwab, EMBL Heidelberg
  • Filip Braet, University of Sydney
  • Andrew Leis, CSIRO – AAHL
  • Rick Webb, University of Queensland

Lectures and presentations from international and local experts in the field will cover CLEM theory and illustrate current approaches. Practical tutorials and demonstrations of techniques will consolidate learning and skills essential for high quality CLEM. Limited numbers (~20) of participants will encourage active engagement. Participants will have opportunities to discuss with experts how CLEM can be applied to answer their specific research questions.

Registrations will open in early 2013.