Previous Workshops

3rd - 6th June 2013
CLEM Masterclass incorporating the 3rd Australian CLEM Workshop
This AMMRF–EMBL Australia Masterclass was designed to equip Australian researchers with skills in CLEM for life sciences and connect them to facilities where the techniques are openly accessible.
Lectures and presentations from international and local experts in the field covered CLEM theory and illustrated current approaches. Practical tutorials and demonstrations of techniques consolidated learning and skills essential for high quality CLEM. Limited numbers (~20) of participants will encourage active engagement. Participants had the opportunity to discuss with experts how CLEM can be applied to answer their specific research questions.

24th–28th September 2012
Fluoro 2012
Hosted by the ACMM this was a specialist workshop in optical spectroscopy & microscopy techniques in biological and biomedical research. Strong emphasis was placed on practical issues and methodologies. The program is geared towards graduate research students, young postdoctoral research fellows and recently appointed junior faculty members. There were also opportunities to display posters for informal discussions during the workshop.


29 November 2010
Frontiers of Plant Science and Microscopy Workshop
Organised by the the ACMM in conjunction with the School of Biological Sciences (SOBS) and the Faculty of Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources (FAFNR), and attended by over 60 researchers, this workshop addressed the major research questions in the plant sciences that the Sydney academic community are tackling, and how microscopy and microanalysis can enable this research.

  • Networking – connect with FAFNR, SOBS and other researchers in plant science, and with ACMM staff that are expert in techniques of potential value in your research.
  • Updating – discover the various new instruments available at the ACMM.
  • Planning – elicit ideas that will lead to new proposals, both for research and research infrastructure, and identify obvious research opportunities and/or capability gaps that ought be addressed to move forward our aspirations in this area.

27 July 2010
Introducing the new 'Diffusion Measurement Package' for FRAP, FCS, RICS, FCCS and ccRICS on the Olympus Fluoview FV1000
Attenddees joined Mr Kajin Soo, Olympus Tokyo Confocal Specialist, and Olympus Australia Specialists, for the launch of the new Diffusion Measurement Package – a powerful tool for measuring intramolecular diffusion rates and patterns using confocal microscopy. The techniques discussed were FRAP (Fluorescence Recovery After Photo bleaching), FCS (Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy), FCCS (Fluorescence Cross-Correlation Spectroscopy), RICS (Raster Imaging Correlation Spectroscopy) and ccRICS (cross-correlation RICS).

15 July 2009
Workshop on Light Microscopy of Materials

1–3 April 2009
Sydney Advanced Light and Optical Microscopy Meeting
The first Sydney Advanced Light and Optical Microscopy Meeting was held in conjunction with the official opening of the centre’s new PC2 laboratories. More than 25 experts were giving presentations on the latest techniques and research using confocal microscopy, multiphoton microscopy, live-cell imaging, ratiometric imaging, photoactivation, FRAP, TIRF, FRET, FLIM, STED and PALM. For researchers who use light microscopes, this was a prime opportunity to meet colleagues in the field and to learn new light and optical techniques. We thank Olympus Australia for sponsoring this event.

17–18 April 2007
Advancements in TEM Holder Design
A workshop by Nanofactory Instruments and supported by Thomson Scientific Instruments.
The workshop featured talks by the Nanofactory Instruments CEO, Mikael von Dorrien, and Executive Vice President, Dr Oleg Lourie, that focussed on different holder designs and their applications, followed by live demonstrations on the centre's high-resolution JEOL 3000F TEM.

04 April 2007
1st Australian Correlative Microscopy Workshop (ACMW)
The program featured keynote seminars, breakout sessions with demonstrations, and discussion periods with talks by Dr Richard Powell from Nanoprobes (New York, USA) and A/Prof. Filip Braet, from the ACMM, as well as short research presentations by Dr Debbie Barton, Dr Louise Cole and Ms Kristina Jahn illustrating the power of correlative light and electron microscopy for the molecular analysis of the structure and function of cells and tissues. This was followed by hands-on experience of correlative imaging probes in interactive demonstrations.

02 November 2006
Photoactivatable Fluorescent Proteins in Live Cell Imaging
A workshop supported and funded by Leica Microsystems, Olympus and Fluorescence Applications in Biotechnology and Life Sciences
This one day workshop was introducing the concept of photoactivation in live cell imaging. The invited speakers, Joerg Wiedenmann (University of Ulm) and Mikhail Matz (University of Texas) as well as Anya Salih, Lilian Soon and Guy Cox from the ACMM, and Luz Page and Brian Jones from Olympus discussed PAFPs' optical and molecular properties and applications on following the movements of proteins and organelles, in pulse chase experiments and lifetime protein imaging.