Scanning Electron Microscopy Facilities

Zeiss Sigma VP 3view

  • Schottky field emission gun (FEG) SEM for high resolution imaging
  • Variable pressure (VP) capability enabling study of non-conductive materials
  • Equipped with Gatan 3view 2XP serial block face (SBF) SEM system, enabling fully automated serial sectioning through resin-embedded samples
  • Dedicated low kV BSE detector providing TEM quality backscatter electron images, revealing cellular strucutures in a wide range of life-science samples
  • Tomographic z-resolution <30nm using the 3view system
  • Up to 32k x 24k pixel image collection
  • The Sigma can also be fitted with a regular, motorised SEM stage for routine imaging of both bulk and electron transparent samples
  • Compatible for use with correlative microscopy system, Shuttle and Find

 Specialists: Dr Patrick Trimby and Dr Minh Huynh


Zeiss Sigma VP FEG SEM ...coming in 2016!


Watch this space for details on when this new Sigma will be available.





JEOL Neoscope Tabletop SEM

  • Compact tabletop SEM
  • High quality imaging (both SE and BSE) of features down to sub-micron levels
  • Equipped with tilt/rotate stage
  • Low vacuum (LV) capability for imaging non-conductive samples
  • Fast training - normally completed within 1 hour
  • Easy to use with a high throughput
Specialists: Dr Patrick Trimby and Steve Moody

Zeiss ULTRA Plus

  • Schottky field-emission source for high resolution and beam current
  • Exceptional low kV performance
  • Topgraphic imaging to < 1nm using an in-lens secondary electron detector
  • High-resolution orientation and strain imaging by AsB detector
  • Nanoscale, high-sensitivity compositional imaging using EsB detector and limiting grid
  • Charge compensator (gas injector) for imaging of non-conducting specimens
  • Oxford Instruments AZtec integrated EDS and EBSD system, with X-Max 20mm2 silicon drift EDS detector and Nordlys-nano EBSD detector, equipped with forescatter imaging capability
  • Dedicated sample holders for transmission Kikuchi diffraction (TKD) analyses
  • Oxford Instruments Layerprobe software for measuring thin film thicknesses and composition
  • High-current mode for extended depth of field and EBSD
  • STEM detector with brightfield and darkfield imaging
  • Evactron on-chamber Plasma cleaner for removing carbon contamination
Specialists: Dr Patrick Trimby and Steve Moody
  Zeiss ULTRA plus

Zeiss EVO

  • Zeiss EVO 50 SEM can be used for a range of imaging and analytical applications using either a W or LaB6 filament
  • Large area BSE detector ideal for imaging mineralogical and metallurgical samples
  • Oxford Instruments AZtec EDS system, with large area X-Max 80mm2 silicon drift EDS detector
  • Fully automated analytical capability with particle detection ("Feature"), large area imaging and EDS map montaging
  • Ideal for automated detection of inclusions in steel, heavy minerals in rocks and particle classification in engineering applications
  • Multi sample stages (5 polished thin sections or 9 epoxy-mounted blocks)

 Specialists: Dr Patrick Trimby and Steve Moody

  Intellection Quemscan

 Zeiss Auriga FIB-SEM

  • Schottky field-emission electron source for high resolution and high stability imaging
  • Topographic imaging down to 1nm resolution
  • Additional imaging with retractable BSE and STEM detectors
  • High resolution Ga ion source (Cobra) with <2.5nm resolution
  • Additional low kV FIB option, enabling high resolution milling below 5kV
  • Multi and single gas injection systems with range of precursor gas options
  • FIBICS advanced patterning software
  • Integrated Oxford Instrument AZtec EDS and EBSD system, with X-Max 20mm2 SDD EDS detector, and high speed Nordlys-F+ EBSD detector
  • Automated 3D EDS and EBSD mapping capability
  • In-chamber Kleindiek micromanipulator system for in-situ TEM and atom probe sample lift-out

Specialists: Dr Patrick Trimby and Steve Moody




 FEI Quanta 200 3D

  • W-filament SEM with totally automated 5-axis specimen stage
  • SE and BSE imaging
  • High vacuum, low vacuum and ESEM modes enable charge-free imaging and analysis of non-conductive specimens
  • Focused Ion Beam (FIB) for subsurface characterisation of specimens and preparation of TEM sections / atom probe tips
  • Platinum gas injection system
  • In-chamber Kleindiek micromanipulator system for in-situ TEM and atom probe sample lift-out
  • Renishaw Structural and Chemical Analyser (SCA) system, interfacing the Raman inVia Reflex Microscope to the Quanta allowing secondary electron imaging and Raman spectroscopic analysis from the same region of a sample located in the SEM chamber
  • EDAX Genesis EDS system with Si(Li) detector
Specialists: Dr Patrick Trimby and Steve Moody
   FEI Quanta 200 3D