Scanning Probe Facilities

PicoSPM from Molecular Imaging
This is a multi-purpose scanning probe microscope (SPM) designed to study surfaces or specimens on surfaces down to the atomic scale.

The PicoSPM operates both in atomic force microscopy ( AFM) and scanning tunnelling microscope (STM) mode. The It has ability to work in contact tapping and STM mode. It is a general purpose SPM suitable for a range of application in biological, physical, chemical and materials sciences. Samples can either be in air (ambient) or liquid. Flow cells and temperature stage are also available.

Contact-mode AFM down to atomic resolution (ideal for physical, chemical and material applications).

AC Tapping-mode AFM in air (ideal for soft samples, polymers, biological applications).

MAC Tapping mode AFM in liquid using magnetically coated cantilevers (ideal for biological applications).

  • AFM force-curve analysis.
  • Conductive AFM (current sensing for conductive materials).
  • STM imaging (both in air and liquid).
  • STM I-V spectroscopy.
  • Environmental chamber available (e.g. for work under argon).
  • Liquid flow cells available.
  • Temperature stage (up to about 150 degrees) available.
  • Laterial scanning range from 1 nm x 10 nm to 80 x 80 microns.
  • Laterial resolution down to sub-angstrom in contact-AFM and STM modes.
  • Vertical resolution down to sub-angstrom in contact-AFM and STM modes.
  • Imaging software for 2D and 3D rendering available.

Example image: Topography of a silicon chip.

Specialist: Steve Moody