Biomolecular Preparation Facility

Our specialist for biomolecular specimen preparation is Minh Huynh, ph. 9351 7525.

This molecular biology facility has been introduced to keep up with the increasing demand of molecular biology use within the laboratory. The activities of the facility are structured to address the present and future needs of researchers for services in genomics and proteomics.

Our capabilities include:

  • DNA, RNA and protein isolation
  • Fluorescence and colour detection
  • PCR
  • DNA sequencing

Our technical platform includes:

  • Plate reader
  • Gel documentation system
  • Spectrophotometer
  • Thermal cycler
  • Centrifuge
  • Storage facilities
Thermal Cycler (Veriti)

Six separate peltier blocks provide key benefits:

  • PCR optimisation: each block can be set with a specific temperature, which is ideal for precise control over PCR optimisation.
  • Run more experiments: the six peltier blocks can also be used to run up to six different annealing temperatures in the same run.
Spectrophotometer (Biomate 3)

Nucleic acid measurements
You can use these tests to determine the concentration and purity of nucleic acid in a given sample.

Protein measurements
You can use these tests to determine the concentration of protein in a given sample.

Cell growth
The cell growth measurement uses absorbance at 600 nm to indicate the progress of cell growth in a sample.

Oligo calculator

Bioimaging System (DNR)

Designed for imaging of electrophoresis and Chemiluminescent results. Includes:

  • 312-nm ultraviolet (UV) transilluminator sample tray for documentation of stained agarose and polyacrylamide gels.
  • Chemiluminescent tray for documentation of chemiluminescence samples.
  • White light sample tray and various filters for documentation of polyacrylamide gels, Coomassie blue, silver-stained gels, membranes, films, blots, thin-layer chromatography (TLC) plates, autoradiographs etc.

The CCD camera, lens, lights, filters and all other functions are controlled automatically. This imaging system is contained includes UV and white light sources for obtaining images in transmitted or reflected light conditions. Once the image is optimised, it can be printed on thermal printer film produces a sharp image on tough plastic and has storage life of two years.

Recombinant Bacterial Systems

A bench top mixer/incubator incorporating a 400 mm square mixing platform within a temperature controlled enclosure. A microprocessor controls the drive system and is complete with digital tachometer and timer to ensure reliable and repeatable procedures, at any speed from 40 to 400 rpm.

A stable and programmable heated incubator of 100 litres. Natural convection prevents the samples from drying out.

Centrifuge (Thermo)

The ventilated and refrigerated centrifuge is a multifunction centrifuge equally capable of high speed and low speed operation at a low sound level with a large range of rotors and accessories certified for biocontainment. The AUTO-LOCK® rotor exchange system without tools ensures that the required rotor is ready for use within seconds. Rotors available include 50 ml tubes, 15 ml tubes, 7 ml tubes, 1.5 ml tubes and 6/12/24/96 well plates.

Storage Facilities

The -86°C freezer has a fast temperature recovery and rapid pull down to operating temperature with air temperature uniformity throughout the cabinet. Freezerworks is a sample inventory tool used to track product types, quantities, and storage location. Freezerworks creates an audit trail that tracks entries, updates, and deletions by each user, so to help the lab meet regulatory requirements.