Cell Culture Facilities

Our specialist for the cell culture facilities is , tel: 9351 7525.

The cell culture facility is designed to accommodate the culture of mammalian cell lines. We provide the media, components, serum supplements and reagents necessary to sustain cells and tissues in culture systems. The facility has biological safety cabinets for the sterile handling of cells, as well as several atmosphere-controlled incubators for growing cells. Phase-contrast, fluorescence, standard bright-field microscopes, as well as a cell counter are available for cell analysis.

Biohazard Biological Cabinet Class II

The Class II biological safety cabinet provides protection for personnel, environment and products in work with microorganisms and where the work produces a significant quantity of aerosol. The cabinet provides protection by creating an air barrier at the work opening, recirculating HEPA-filtered laminar airflow downwards through the work zone and by HEPA filtration of exhaust air.

CytoSafe Cytotoxic Drug Safety Cabinet

The cytotoxic drug safety cabinet is designed to provide safety protection to the operator, products and the environment against exposure to aerosols and vapours that can be generated in the preparation and manipulation of cytotoxic drugs.

The requirements for protection involve the following:

  • Protection of cabinet users and other staff from exposure to aerosols or vapors which may be generated in the preparation, manipulation and dispensing of cytotoxic drugs.
  • Protection of drug products, so that they may be prepared in an environment which is essentially free from particulate and biological contamination.
  • Protection of cabinet maintenance personnel from the residue of drug particles, which can contaminate filters, fans and other mechanical components.

The ES-315 Autoclave provides convenient processing of your laboratory sterilisation and media preparation needs. The autoclave offers three cycles of operation ranging from basic sterilisation cycles to automatic warming cycles.

The warming cycle may be used directly following a sterilisation cycle or independently to melt and keep sterile media ready for use. The cycles may be programmed up to 99 hours in advance using the Delayed Start Timer. This feature enables you to have sterile media on hand and ready for use when you need it.

To ensure safety and complete sterilisation, the autoclave is equipped with an independent temperature and pressure monitoring system.

Plate Reader (Victor)

This multilabel reader covers all of the main non-radioactive reading technologies. Technologies and reading modes include fluorometry, luminometry, fluorescence polarisation, time-resolved fluorometry (TRF), and photometry (including UV absorbance). The plate reader is also loaded with temperature control and shaking.

CO2 Incubators

HEPA air filtration systems provide continuous protection against unwanted airborne contaminants. The incubators provide precise CO2 control with excellent temperature uniformity for researchers seeking the benefits of complete contamination control and dependable long-term performance.