Materials Specimen Preparation

Our specialist for materials specimen preparation is , ph. 9351 7546.

Lab equipment at Madsen includes:

  • 3D Micromac microPREP laser micromachining tool

  • JEOL Cryo Ion Slicer rocking broad ion beam system for TEM

  • Gatan PIPS ll broad ion beam miller for TEM specimens

  • Gatan PECS ll broad ion miller for SEM specimens

  • Gatan PIPS Model 691 broad ion beam miller for TEM

  • Leica EM TXP target surfacing system

  • Struers TegraPol-25 automated grinder and polisher

  • Struers RotoPol-22 automated grinder and polisher

  • Struers Cito-Press-10 hot mounting system

  • Struers Accutom-50 (x2) precision cut-off machines

  • Struers Discotom-10 precision cut-off machine (large samples)

  • Allied High Tech MultiPrep precision grinder and polisher

  • Allied High Tech tripods for TEM thin film preparation


  • Allied High-Tech Techprep8 precision grinder and polisher

  • Gatan Disc Grinder 623 (x2) for precision material removal

  • Struers TenuPol-5 Electropolishing Jet Thinner to prepare TEM specimens from metals and alloys 3 mm discs.