Materials Specimen Preparation

Our specialist for materials specimen preparation is , ph. 9351 7546.

Grinding Wheels

  • Struers DP-U2.
  • Struers DAP-U.
  • Allied High-Tech Techprep8.

Our six Allied High-Tech tripods are major tools in TEM specimen preparation. They are used for grinding and polishing to achieve thin section.


Diamond Saws
Diamond saws are used to sections samples with diamond cutting blades.

  • Struers Accutom.
  • Struers Accutom 50.
  • Buehler Isomet 11-1180 low speed.

Ion-Beam Thinners
Ion-beam thinners use an argon plasma beam to gently thin specimens to electron transparency for TEM observations.

  • PIPS (Precision Ion-Polishing System) Gatan 691.
  • Duo Ion Mill Gatan 600.
  • Fischione 3000.

Electropolishing Jet Thinner

The Struers TenuPol-5 is used to prepare TEM specimens from metals and alloys 3 mm discs.