Secondary Neutral Mass Spectrometer (SNMS)
Ppm-resolution elemental surface and bulk analyses of vacuum-stable materials. Depth profiling of surface layers to 100 µm (with up to 1 nm depth resolution).

Appropriate candidates for SNMS elemental analysis or depth profiling include:

  • Ceramics: bodies and glazes
  • Glasses
  • Rocks and minerals
  • Fossil material and (de-proteined) bone
  • Metals: non ferrous and ferrous (eg trace elements in steels)
  • Semiconductors
  • Multiple component materials (such as a conductor with a non-conductive coating)
  • Polymers (surcharges apply)

Example data:
Depth profile of an Al-SiO2-Si multilayer.

Specialist: Dr Yongbai Yin at the Physics department (ph. 02 9351 4756).