Telemicroscopy demonstration

Telemicroscopy increases access to the unit's world-class instrumentation. Users are able to share instrumentation and data over any distance, enabling new ways of working.

The ACMM has a range of instruments that are available for access by either passive or active telemicroscopy. In the passive scenario, a skilled operator runs the telemicroscopy-enabled instrument, examining a remote user's sample. The user follows their experiment in real time, observing the same images and spectral data as the operator.

A more limited selection of instruments can be operated through active telepresence where a skilled operator to runs a telemicroscopy-enabled instrument from a remote site. The user interacts with the instrument via specialised software and hardware interfaces that provide local control. Other scientists may participate in the experiment through passive telepresence.

For more information on the techniques available, and their applicability to your project, please contact our Laboratory Manager .