Latest Updates

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New Instruments

We have recently taken delivery of two additional microscopes to complement our existing SEMs. For upcoming courses on these new instruments, see the courses and workshops pages .

Leica 5-D TCS SP II multiphoton microscope
Thanks to $720,000 in LIEF funding awarded to a multidisciplinary team led by A/Prof. Filip Braet, we are delighted to be able to offer researchers the latest in multiphoton microscopy and correlative imaging. The microscope was installed in late October 2010. Over the last couple months the members of the ACMM Light and Optical and Biospecimen Preparation teams have been busy putting each of the components of the 5D correlative-microscopy platform through their paces.

Upgrades to SEM Accessories

Hitachi S4500
The Bruker Quantax EDS system, with a silicon drift detector, has been moved to the Hitachi S4500 from our high end Zeiss Ultra Plus FEG-SEM in order to provide both analytical capability and full, high-resolution digital imaging on this older SEM.

Zeiss Ultra Plus
A new Oxford InstrumentsAZtec integrated EDS-EBSD system has been installed on the Zeiss Ultra Plus. This system includes an upgrade to our existing Nordlys EBSD detector to a high-sensitivity Nordlys Nano detector, an integrated forescatter imaging system and a 20mm2 X-Max silicon drift EDS detector. This extends our analytical capability to full, integrated chemical and crystallographic analyses on a range of samples.

Zeiss Auriga FIB-SEM
The existing INCA/Channel 5 EDS-EBSD system has been upgraded to the latest Oxford Instruments AZtec EDS-EBSD system, utilising the current Nordlys Max EBSD detector and 20mm2 X-Max EDS detector. The system now allows fully integrated EDS and EBSD mapping, as well as the existing 3D EDS and 3D EBSD capacity.

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