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Welcome to the Australian Centre for Microscopy & Microanalysis (ACMM), a cross-disciplinary research centre. Our world-class research explores physical and biological structures at the micro, nano and atomic scales.

Sydney Microscopy & Microanalysis (SMM) is a core facility of the university, one of the largest and most comprehensive of its kind in the world. Our instrumentation and technical expertise are available for all researchers. This is your portal to access the SMM people and equipment that can help you with your research.

News & Events

  • Invitation to Sydney Light Optical Users Meeting 24/07/2014

    Hosted by the ACMM, this meeting is open to anyone interested in Light Optical Microscopy. The focus of the meeting is on developing the Light Optical community, both within and outside the University of Sydney. Speakers include representatives from Nikon, Garvan Institute, Centenary Institute, UTS, Westmead Millennium Institute and Andor Technology. The meeting will take place Thursday 24 July 2014, from 2-5pm. For a copy of the agenda or to register your attendance, please email Dr Pam Young at Pamela.young@sydney.edu.au

  • Find the facilities to fit your project with the AMMRF Technique Finder

    Need a new technique?

    This user-friendly application is designed from a researcher's perspective to match techniques to experimental approaches. The Technique Finder directs you to instrument locations where the technique is available and contact details of the relevant support staff to facilitate your research data collection and analysis.

  • Sydney to host CAMS2014

    The Australian Ceramic Society, together with Materials Australia, is proud to present the third biennial conference of the Combined Australian Materials Societies. It will be held from Wednesday 26 – Friday 28 November in the newly opened Charles Perkins Centre at The University of Sydney. Visit the CAMS 2014 website to register or submit an abstract.

  • SMM fee schedule in effect as of 1 July 2013

    The fee schedule for access to microscopy instrumentation reflects our operating costs, while maintaining discounts for academic users and offering competitive rates for commercial customers.