Advice to ARC & NHMRC Applicants

As a Core Research Facility of the University, Sydney Microscopy & Microanalysis (SMM) provides access to high-end instruments and services that enable insights into how materials work - at the scale of living cells, tissue, molecules, crystals and even individual atoms.

Important Note – Sydney University researchers creating a budget for accessing SMM facilities are advised to include an equivalent amount for the University contribution to the fee schedule below.

2019 SMM Fee Schedule for Univeristy of Sydney researchers
Category Cost
Up to 8 consecutive hours per session per isntrument  $45 per hour
Each consecutive hour over 8 hours per session per instrument  $10 per hour
Specimen preparation and image analysis equipment                $2 per hour
Individual user cap $1,600 per calendar year

  Not included in the cap:

     - $280 one-off training fee for new users

     - $200 per hour for technical staff instrument operation

     - 3View Serial Block Face Scanning Electron Microscope usage

This document offers a guide for incorporating the costs of accessing the University's Core Research Facilities into your ARC Discovery Grant or NHMRC application.
Download (PDF 3.73KB)