The Australian Centre for Microscopy & Microanalysis (ACMM) has an active native research program with about 50 academics, research fellows, students, and visitors who are aligned with Schools and Faculties throughout the University of Sydney. Research interests range from physical sciences to engineering and from life sciences to archaeology.

All staff and students contribute to the research-service role of the centre and help users to solve their scientific problems with SMM’s advanced instrumentation. Often this collaborative interaction leads to joint research projects and publications.

Academic staff members also lead local research programs that operate within the facility. The interdisciplinary research within the centre is directed towards (i) development of advanced imaging methods and techniques for nanostructural analysis and (ii) applications of advanced imaging and nanostructural analysis to the characterisation and design of biological, physical and chemical systems. Within these overarching directions, the centre’s local or 'native' research covers a wide variety of fields, including advanced materials, archaeology, biology and biotechnology, chemistry, medical science, nanotechnology and physics.

Profiles of the centre's affiliated academic staff can be accessed from the staff directory.