Advanced Steels

Nanostructure of Strip Cast Steels: The Role of Microalloy Additions and Heat Treatment in Optimising Properties
The research collaboration formed between the ACMM and BlueScope Steel provides a unique opportunity to explore strip cast steels produced at the only commercial strip casting production facility in the world, using state-of-the-art nanostructural analysis equipment available at the University of Sydney.

Castrip strip casting is a revolutionary new method of steel production that is ripe for commercial exploitation in Australia. BlueScope Steel Limited, hold exclusive licensing rights for the technology in Australasia and South East Asia. Presently, only a base low-carbon steel grade is manufactured commercially using this process with typical product applications including tubes, containers, structural decking and roll formed sheets for concrete formwork. The collaboration formed between BlueScope Steel and the University of Sydney researchers aims to provide the foundation for extending the application of strip cast steels into new or more demanding market applications requiring enhanced strength, formability and/or other properties. In particular, the effort will focus on developing an entirely new class of grades that contain minor alloying additions such as Nb, Ti, V, Mo, Cu and Al. In addition, the effect of heat treatment on the nanostructure will be observed. This microstructure-property relationship will be explored using advanced materials characterisation including transmission electron microscopy and atom probe tomography.

This project has the provision for two PhD candidates with backgrounds in applied physics, metallurgy, materials science and/or nanotechnology.

Investigators: ,

  1. Mr Jim Williams, Metallurgical Technology Department, BlueScope Steel, Australia.
  2. Dr Frank Barbaro, Metallurgical Technology Department, BlueScope Steel, Australia.
  3. Mr Chris Killmore, , Metallurgical Technology Department, BlueScope Steel, Australia.