Multidisciplinary seminars are an important mechanism for dissemination of new research findings, stimulation of fresh ideas and formation of unexpected research collaborations. This is particularly true in a multidisciplinary research environment like the Australian Centre for Microscopy & Microanalysis. The centre invites presentations from leading researchers, from a wide variety of fields, around the world. The diverse staff and user-base of the centre means that these talks often catalyse interdisciplinary collaborations. The seminar series also provides a forum for young, rising researchers to share their research.

If you have any questions, please contact our seminar coordinator , ph. 02 9036 6414.

Upcoming Seminars

We are currently planning new seminars and will post information as soon as it becomes available.

Previous seminars and lectures in 2010

Prof. Alexis Deschamps, Grenoble Institute of Technology, France
Complex Precipitation Pathways in Aluminium Alloys: Quantification of the Microstructure as a Tool for Understanding the Properties

Prof. Guoxiu Wang, Department of Chemistry and Forensic Science, Faculty of Science, University of Technology, Sydney
Mesoporous Electrode Materials for High-Power Lithium-Ion Batteries

Dr Ildiko Peter, Department of Meterials Science, Politechnico di Torino, Italy
Steel or Light Alloys? Microstructure–Performance Relation in Advanced Metallic Alloys

Prof. Dierk Raabe, Max-Planck-Institut für Eisenforschung, Düsseldorf, Germany
Combining Ab-Initio Based Multiscale Models and Experiments for Alloy Design

Jessica A. Krogstad, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA
Phase Stability in Advanced Thermal Barrier Coatings

A/Prof. Sigrun Hirskorn, Fraunhofer Institut für zerstörungsfreie Prüfverfahren (IZFP), Saarbrücken, Germany
Imaging and Measurement of Local Sample Surface Properties by Ultrasonic Contact Resonance Modes of an Atomic Force Microscope

Liu Jibin, Wu Lixin and Hu Yinping; Wuhan Iron and Steel (Group) Corp. (WISCO), China
Research and Development of Steel

Prof. Carlos G. Levi, Materials Department, University of California Santa Barbara, USA
Ingestion of Siliceous Debris in Aero-Engines: A Fundamental Materials Problem

Prof. Jianghua Chen, Director, EM Laboratory, Hunan University, China
Atomic-resolution Imaging of Small Precipitates in Aluminium by Exit-wavefunction Reconstruction and HAADF STEM

Prof. Jinping Zhang, Suzhou Institute of Nano-Tech & Nano-Bionics, CAS, Suzhou, China
Scanning TEM Study of Topologically Defective Features in InxGa1-xN Films

Prof. Ze Zhang, Institute of Microstructure and Property of Advanced Materials, Beijing University of Technology, Beijing, China
Strain Induced Brittle/Ductile Transition of Covalent Bonded Nanowires

Dr Gerald Grellet-Tinner, Associate Researcher, Field Museum (Chicago) and the Journey Museum (Rapid City), USA
The Microscopic World of Giant Dinosaurs

Prof. Hans Juergen Kreuzer, A.C. Fales Professor of Theoretical Physics at the Department of Physics and Atmospheric Science, Dalhousie University, Canada
Digital In-line Holographic Microscopy in 4-D: For Biology and Microfluidics

Dr Carl Cui, Australian Centre for Microscopy & Microanalysis
Computational Simulation in Spintronics and Optoelectronics: Novel Materials and Enhanced Device Performance

Prof. Hua Ding, Northeastern University, China
Deformation Mechanisms of High Mn(-Al) Steels