Faculty of Agriculture Postgraduate Association (FAPA)


Hello fellow FAE postgraduates! We’re the Faculty of Agriculture Postgraduate Association… otherwise known as FAPA.

FAPA is a student led committee that encourages social cohesion between all postgraduate students within the Faculty by hosting events that bring not just the students together but regularly invites along the staff body as well.

We hope to see many post grads in all the events this year!!!

Who we currently are

FAPA   Structure   
President Phil Hughes philip.hughes@sydney.edu.au  
Vice-President   Mario Fajardo mario.fajardopedraza@sydney.edu.au  
Treasurer Jose Padarian jose.padarian@sydney.edu.au    

Up and coming events

We are already planning the new 2014 activities, as well as the traditional ones like the new postgraduates welcome BBQ, the FAPA Jack Lawn Bowls, the International Film Festival and the Melbourne cup event, so … expect the hear about us a lot during this year!... if you have a good idea…guess what… WE’RE INTERESTED. Come and talk to us!