Who do I speak to?

Postgraduate Research and Coursework
Dr Damien Field, BSc(Hons), MEd(High.Ed), PhD USyd
Associate Dean, Postgraduate Studies
Email: damien.field@sydney.edu.au

with the administrative assistance of:
Coordinator, Postgraduate Services (Admin)
Pamela Stern, BA UNSW
Email: pamela.stern@sydney.edu.au

The research and postgraduate training of the Faculty is facilitated within three research groups and you along with your supervisor are a member of one of these groups. Each group has assigned an Academic Postgraduate Coordinator who is your first point of call, after speaking with your supervisor, about any academic related enquires.

Agricultural and Resource Economics
Dr Shyamal Chowdhury, BEc Jahangirnagar MEc Kiel PhD Bonn
Email: shyamal.chowdhury@sydney.edu.au

Crop and Food Systems
Dr Matthew Turner, BScAgr, PhD USyd
Email: matthew.turner@sydney.edu.au

Associate Professor Inakwu Odeh, BSc (Agric) Ibadan MSc Ahmadu Bello PhD Adel
Email: inakwu.odeh@sydney.edu.au

All students are also encouraged to be active in the university community, and in the Faculty of Agriculture Postgraduate Association (FAPA), which is a valuable source of information and social activity.