Research student profile: Salem Al Jamaan

Project title

The interaction between trees and air quality in hot, dry (and possibly salty) environments

Project overview

Trees are cultivated in Saudi Arabia according to their ability to withstand the harsh local environmental conditions, which include extreme temperature ranges (from -10° - + 40° C), drought and saline water. They provide amenity and shade, and in some areas, amelioration of waste water. These criteria have, to date, not considered other effects that may be at play between trees and their environment; in particular the interaction between the polluted air of major cities and tree function. These interactions have been demonstrated in numerous cities around the world, but none combine the unique environmental conditions found in many cities in the Middle East.

My project is to identify the effects of air quality on trees growing under extreme environmental conditions and conversely, the way in which these conditions may affect the uptake and emission of reactive Compounds in the atmosphere.

I will use the environmental conditions representative of Saudi Arabia, then I will examine how plants growing under extreme conditions interact with pollutants in the atmosphere to either ameliorate or exacerbate poor air quality.

The main outcome of this work will be to inform policies for environmental plantings in Saudi Arabia.


I was born and grew up in Riyadh. My degree is a BScAgr and M.Sc. from the King Saud University.
I am studying my PhD with King Abdullah Scholarships Program.
I graduated with the King Saud University Ideal.
I have attended the Research Symposium 2011 on Friday 8th July 2011 at Lecture Theatre 101, New Law Building, The University of Sydney.


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