Research student profile: XingLong Zou

Project title

The effect of vegetation carbon storage changing in urban/peri-urban fringe

Project overview

My project aims to develop a rapid and cost-effective approach to quantifying the above-ground urban forest trees using remote sensing. Furthermore, detect the change of carbon storage by trees in an urban area over time, and the implications of these changes in relation to Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions. The research is to monitoring the difference of vegetation carbon storage based on remote sensing technology.
To-date there is less understanding in the knowledge of the intricate relationship between urbanization and vegetation carbon storage. Quantifying the carbon storage, distribution and change of urban/peri-urban forest is vital to understanding of the role that vegetation plays in the urban environment. The importance of better understanding about global climate change due to GHC emissions from urban area is increasing currently. Therefore, the results of forest C storage loss due to urban expansion from my study can explain this concerning.
To tackle this project, this research involves the use of spatial analysis including classification of satellite images at ERDAS, ArcGIS and statistic modelling.
At the end of this research, the relationship between expansion and vegetation carbon storage will be defined. Based on the finding, these results can improve urban development plan, and provide the idea of how to sustain the urban carbon storage during urbanization. Also can help improve urban environmental health for further study.


I am an international student from China and completed my B.LWSC at the University of Sydney in 2010.


  • Xinglong Zou, Zhen S, Inakwu OA Odeh, Yizhao C, Jianlong Li (2010) Comparative Analysis on Spatio-Temporal Land Use and Land Cover (LULC) Characteristics in Three Asia Cities. PACIIA2010, 850-852



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