Professional experience

Students are required to complete at least 40 days of approved professional experience, plus at least one Faculty Excursion. This experience is undertaken during vacations and is part of a program of a 6 credit point unit of study entitled professional development that they complete throughout their degree.

A minimum of 15 days of the 40 day requirement must be completed as 'On-Farm'/Field experience for all our four year degrees (BScAgr, BAgrEc and BResEc). The remainder is completed either on another on-farm/field placement or with organisations involved in agriculture, business, research and the resource industries and is known as ‘graduate’ experience. The Faculty maintains a database in excess of 5000 providers for professional experience to assist students. Students must complete at least two placements throughout their program

Professional experience, which is highly regarded by employers, provides an insight into the operations of organisations and often leads to offers of employment prior to graduation. This exceptionally useful program differentiates the Faculty's degree programs from other applied Science and applied Economics degrees.