Prizes and Scholarships

Prizes and Scholarships for Continuing Students

The Faculty awards prizes to continuing students (2nd year or higher) on the basis of academic merit. No application is required. Merit scholarships may also be available for application and detailed information on these scholarships is included in the table on this page.

The Faculty awards prizes and scholarships annually at the Scholars' Reception. Details of the Undergraduate prizes available are listed in the following table.

Prize or scholarship

Value ($)


James S Ashton Memorial Scholarship

3000 Awarded to a student who enrols full-time in the fourth year of the Bachelor of Science in Agriculture or the Bachelor of Animal and Veterinary Bioscience, provided the student’s work is of sufficient merit. The student will show potential for making a significant contribution to the application of science and technology to the animal industries. While the student’s overall academic record must be of sufficient merit, it is not intended that the scholarship be limited to the applicant with the strongest academic record. Additional criteria will include performance in project work and work experience in animal science and related areas and participation in community and University activities which would demonstrate evidence of integrity of character, diligence and regard for fellow students. At the time of award, the recipient may not be in receipt of any other substantial scholarship award. (Download the application form here)

Belmore Scholarships


Proficiency in first year



Proficiency in first year chemistry



Proficiency in second year



Proficiency in the units Soil Properties and Processes and either Plant Biochemistry and Molecular Biology or Rural Environmental Chemistry

Brian G Davey Memorial Scholarships in Soil Science


Proficiency in the units Soil Properties and Processes and the Soil Resource

Golden Jubilee Scholarship in Agri Science


Proficiency in third year

Martin McIlrath Scholarships


Proficiency in HSC and first, second and third years (men only). Preference to sons of ex-servicemen

John Mercer Bursary


See details listed before the prize details

John Arthur Cran Prize


Proficiency in HSC

Bruce Davidson Prize in Resource Economics


Proficiency in an essay or thesis in natural resource economics

Bruce R Davidson Memorial Prize in Resource Economics


Proficiency in first year examinations

Clifford Dawson Holliday Prize


Proficiency in third year examinations

John Neil Downing Memorial Prize


Proficiency in professional experience

Brian S Fisher Prize (2) 1000 Proficiency in agricultural economics by a non-metropolitan student

John and Beatrice Froggatt Prize


Proficiency in second year entomology and the fourth year agricultural entomology specialisation

WW Froggatt Memorial Prize


Proficiency in an agricultural entomology project in fourth year

DL Jackson Prize


Proficiency in the units The Rural Environment and Climate and the Environment

FC McCleery Memorial Award


Fellowship and leadership in the faculty (third year students)

Regulations for undergraduate scholarships in Agriculture and Environment

Established in 1991, by funding from companies, organisations and individuals, referred to hereafter as 'cooperating companies', to encourage and assist candidates for the degrees of Bachelor of Agricultural Economics, Bachelor of Environmental Systems, Bachelor of Horticultural Science, Bachelor of Land and Water Science, Bachelor of Resource Economics or Bachelor of Science in Agriculture.

The scholarship shall be awarded under the following conditions:
Each scholarship shall be named an Undergraduate Scholarship in Agriculture and Environment, except where a cooperating company requests that its name be used as an identifier within the scheme.
The scholarships shall be open to citizens and permanent residents of Australia who qualify in the final year of secondary schooling to enter the Faculty of Agriculture and Environment at the University of Sydney.
Each scholarship shall be tenable for the specific agricultural degree for which it is offered, where applicable, and shall not be transferable to another degree except in exceptional circumstances.
The scholarships shall be tenable for the duration of each recipient's degree program, provided that the scholar meets all the obligations of the program and maintains satisfactory academic progress.
Advisory Committee
There shall be an Advisory Committee consisting of the following persons:
no fewer than five representatives of separate cooperating companies;
no fewer than two heads of disciplines in the Faculty including the Agricultural and Resource Economics Discipline Leader (or nominees);
no more than three members of the Institute of Advanced Studies within the Faculty;
the Dean of the Faculty; and
the Executive Director of the Undergraduate Scholarships in Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources Program.
The Advisory Committee shall elect its own chairperson.
The Advisory Committee shall advise the Faculty on the conduct and management of the program, including scholar selection, the nature and organisation of the professional experience component, and such other matters as it considers pertinent to the effective operation of the program.
The Executive Director of the program shall be a member of the Faculty, nominated by the Dean, appointed by the Advisory Committee.
The Executive Officer of the program shall be a member of the University's administrative staff, nominated by the Dean, and shall attend meetings of the Advisory Committee.
Annual meeting of cooperating companies
There shall be an annual general meeting of cooperating companies during the first semester of each academic year, when:
the Advisory Committee shall report on the operation of the program over the previous year;
the membership of the Advisory Committee for the coming year shall be determined; and
any matters relating to the program may be raised and decisions thereon made for implementation by the Advisory Committee.
Awarding of the scholarships
The scholarships shall be awarded on the basis of academic merit (as indicated by the applicants' performance at the NSW Higher School Certificate Examination, or equivalent), leadership potential and personal qualities.
The scholarships shall be awarded on the recommendation of selection panels consisting of at least one representative from cooperating companies and at least one member of the Faculty appointed by the Dean.
There shall be no bonding or other commitment to employment between a cooperating company and any scholar.
A scholarship is intended for a continuous three-year or four-year degree program, but the Advisory Committee may consider a request for an interruption in a scholar's progress towards the bachelor degree for some exceptional purpose, and, if such request is approved, the scholarship shall be suspended during such interruption.
Cooperating companies shall make a donation to The University of Sydney Undergraduate Scholarship in Agriculture Program, for each year and for each scholarship place supported, comprising the annual scholarship stipend together with an administration levy of $600 + GST.
Transfers of funds from cooperating companies to the University shall be made by 31 January in the year to which the scholarship place applies.
The administrative levy will be reviewed each year.
Benefits to cooperating companies
Each current cooperating company shall be entitled to:
access to the whole pool of Undergraduate Scholars in Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources for professional work experience in the cohort or cohorts contemporaneous with the year or years of its support; and
inclusion of the company's name on a roll of cooperating companies to be set up in the Faculty Office.
Value and payments
The value of the scholarship stipend in 2008 was $7000 per annum.
The value of the scholarship stipend shall be adjusted annually by the Advisory Committee after considering movements in the consumer price index.
A scholarship shall run from 1 March to the following 30 November.
The scholarship payments shall be made at regular intervals.

University scholarships

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