Department of Environmental Sciences staff

Last name First name Title  
ADAMS Mark Professor of Biogeochemistry and Director of the Centre for Carbon, Water and Food
AMPT Peter Lecturer
ARCHER Michael Honorary
BARBOUR Margaret ARC Future Fellow
BARLOW Alexandra Technical Officer
BELL Tina Senior Lecturer
BI Huiquan Adjunct Associate Professor
BISHOP Tom Associate Professor
CATTLE Stephen Associate Professor
COLLIS-GEORGE Neville Emeritus Professor
CORNEO Paola Postdoctoral Researcher
DENG Zijuan Postdoctoral Fellow
DIJKSTRA Feike Associate Professor
EVANS Bradley Senior Lecturer in Big Environmental Data and Biosphere-Atmosphere Interactions
FIELD Damien Coordinator Prof Development
FRANKS Peter Future Fellow
FUENTES David Research Fellow
GANGULI Nishath Senior Technical Officer
GHARUN Mana Postdoctoral Researcher
HE Xinhua Adjunct Associate Professor
HORTA Ana Honorary Lecturer
IACONIS Ariana Forester Research Assistant
KEITEL Claudia Postdoctoral Researcher
KERTESZ Michael Associate Professor
KNIGHT John Research Fellow
MAFRA Luis Adjunct Senior Lecturer
MALONE Brendan Postdoctoral Researcher
MARANG Ian Research Assistant
MARIOTTE Pierre Postdoctoral Fellow
MATTHEWS Stuart Adjunct Lecturer 
MAYNARD KEITH Administration Assistant
MCBRATNEY Alexander Professor, Dean
MCDANIEL Marshall Honorary
MERCHANT Andrew ARC Future Fellow
MINASNY Budiman Professor
O'ROURKE Sharon Marie Curie Research Follow
ODEH Inakwu Sesqui Associate Professor
ODGERS Nathan Honorary Fellow
PALLASSER Robert Honorary Associate
PFAUTSCH Sebastian Honorary Associate
POSSELL Malcolm Teaching and Research Fellow
SAFIANOWICZ Katarzyna Laboratory Research Technician
SINGH Balwant Head of Department
SINGH Kanika Postdoctoral Fellow
SONG Xin Research Fellow
STOCKMANN Uta Postdoctoral Fellow
TURNBULL Tarryn Research Fellow
VAN OGTROP Floris Lecturer
VERVOORT Willem Associate Professor
WARING Christopher Adjunt  Senior Lecturer
ZHANG Yaojun Visiting Scholar