Honorary Staff in the Department of Plant and Food Sciences

 Last name  First name  Title 
Amthor Jeffrey Honorary Professor 
Bange Michael Adjunct Associate Professor
Barrett Michael Honorary Associate
Batten Graeme Honorary Professor
Bickel Daniel Adjunct Lecturer
Burgess Lester Honorary Professor
Caldwell Robert Honorary Senior Lecturer
Chin James Honorary Associate
Constable Greg Honorary Professor
Darvey Norm Honorary Senior Lecturer
Fairley-Grenot Kate Adjunct Professor
Hall Matthew Research Affiliate
Hare Ray Adjunct Senior Lecturer
Kemp David Emeritus Professor
Kilian Andrzej Honorary Associate
Latter Barry Emeritus Professor
Lees Edith Honorary Senior Lecturer
Liew Edward Adjunct Senior Lecturer
Luo Qunying Honorary Associate
Mansfield Sarah Adjunct Senior Lecturer
Marshall Don Emeritus Professor
Matthews Ky Honorary Research Fellow
Michael Peter Honorary Associate
Moeller Carina Honorary Associate
Morgan Mal Honorary Associate
New Peter Honorary Senior Lecturer
Oates John Honorary Associate
O'Brien Lindsay Honorary Axxociate Professor
Offord Catherine Adjunct Associate Professor
Rathmell Bill Adjunct Professor
Rose Harley Honorary Associate
Vella John Honorary Associate
Wilkes Meredith Honorary Associate