Future Postgraduates


Students have the opportunity to undertake exciting Honours projects.

Master of Agriculture and Environment

The agricultural workforce is currently facing many complex challenges. The Master of Agriculture qualification by coursework will enhance your abilities to tackle those challenges within this essential occupation.

Master of Philosophy

Students will have greater flexibility, cross-disciplinary study and collaboration across a broad range of topical issues.

Doctor of Philosophy

You may wish to undertake significant analysis and research in this complex and crucial discipline. The Faculty is at the forefront of innovative research and agricultural development.

Melanie Buitenzorgy

Meilanie Buitenzorgy

The Effect of Democratic Transition on Environmental Quality: A Cross Country Empirical Analysis

Felipe Aires

Felipe Aires

Fire ecology of woody weeds in Australian forests and woodlands

Samad Azad

Karunagaran Madhavan

Economics of Managing Pollution in a Catchment and in a Lake.

Future postgraduates

Whether you choose to study a coursework degree comprising a smaller research project component or undertake an intensive research only degree, you will benefit by undertaking Postgraduate studies with the Faculty of Agriculture and Environment. The Faculty has a dynamic interdisciplinary research community that attracts high levels of industry support and funding both nationally and internationally.

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