Honours at the Faculty of Agriculture and Environment

BEnvSys and BSc students (all streams and combined degrees) are able to undertake an Honours course through the Faculty of Agriculture and Environment in disciplines such as Environmental Systems, Agricultural Chemistry or Soil Science.

To qualify for enrolment in an Honours course, students shall have qualified, or been awarded a Pass degree, from the Faculty of Science or a Bachelor of Environmental Systems or an equivalent degree from another institution.

Students from the Faculty of Science wishing to enrol in either of these Honours courses require permission from the Faculty of Agriculture and Environment's BSc Honours coordinators:

  • Agricultural Chemistry: Dr Tom Roberts ().
  • Environmental Systems: Dr Tom Bishop ().
  • Soil Science: A/Prof Balwant Singh ().

What are the benefits of doing Honours?

Completing a degree with an Honours year opens the door to many opportunities, particularly in the field of research.

Honours students have the opportunity to undertake exciting, original research under the supervision of internationally recognised scientists, and some end up publishing one or more scientific papers based on their Honours projects.

Honours also enhances your career prospects. Graduate Destination Surveys consistently reveal that students who have completed an Honours year are significantly more likely to gain employment in an area related to their field of study, compared to students who have completed a 3-year science degree.

What’s involved?

The Honours year in most degrees is an optional, additional one-year full-time course. Generally, the Honours year consists of coursework (specified Units of Study), a research project; experimental design and technical instruction, however there may be variations to this, depending on the discipline you choose.


Applications close:

  • 30 June for admission in Semester 2, 2015
  • 30 November for admission in Semester 1, 2016


Domestic Students are offered Commonwealth Supported Places for the Honours year. There are also Honour Scholarships available for next year.