Master of Agriculture and Environment

The Master of Agriculture and Environment degree is focused on providing you with the knowledge and skills necessary to tackle and create solutions for our time in areas such as food security, climate change, managing carbon, water and the environment within the changing complexity of global markets and world economics.

If you have a degree in Science, Economics or related work experience (accreditation subject to approval) the Master of Agriculture and Environment may be the degree for you. All students gain valuable hands on experience which is highly valued by employers in both the public and private sectors. Within this articulated degree you will complete a research project designed to develop competency in professional project proposals, project management skills and cross-disciplinary thinking to assist in developing innovative solutions. A range of specialist streams are available to those wishing to target specific areas of interest.

Research provides you with the opportunity to identify and address the critical and current problems and issues. This also enables you to develop your skills in project management and effective communication.

A Master of Agriculture and Environment qualification will allow you to develop a career in an exciting and leading-edge sector that generates over $150 billion a year in production and contributes to around 16% of Australia's export earnings.

The Faculty has access to some of the world’s best-equipped and newest research facilities, including the Centre for Carbon, Food and Water. The Faculty has substantial field stations in Australia, housing state of the art research facilities, such as the world renowned Plant Breeding Institute and field sites 1200 hectares of farmland and support enviable amenities for large-scale field studies in agricultural science, food science, environmental studies, ecology, bush-fire research and more.

Course Aim

  • deepen student understanding of key science and economics concepts and processes affecting managed systems and the environment.
  • help students apply knowledge gained through research to develop more sustainable solutions for critical problems that need to be addressed for managed systems and the environment
  • develop analytical skills via hands-on experience with advanced analytical and computer techniques and help students communicate across a broad range of audiences


This one and a half year masters course is composed of three semesters of study amounting to 72 credit points (cp).

Semester One

  • 2 x Core units of study (6cp each)
  • 2 x Elective units (6cp each)

Semester two

  • 2 x Core units of study (6cp each)
  • 2 x Elective units (6cp each)

Semester three

  • 2 x Elective units (6cp each)
  • 2 x Research units (6cp each)


Electives are organised to deepen your knowledge in subject areas relevant to each specialisation focusing on up-to-date knowledge, skills and techniques required to evaluate and analyse current issues with an interdisciplinary approach.
All students choose at least two units of study per semester from the following:

  • Principles of Biochemical Analysis
  • Crop Improvement
  • Crop Agronomy
  • Sustainable Horticultural Cropping
  • Crop Protection
  • The Soil at Work
  • Soil Processes, Assessment & Management
  • Water Management and Variable Climate
  • Remote Sensing, GIS and Land Management
  • Plants and the Environment
  • Research Review
  • Research Proposal and Approach
  • Research Paper
  • Research Communication
  • Plants and the Environment
  • Australian Forest Systems
  • Climate Change: Process, History, Issues

Study now, pay later

The Faculty of Agriculture and Environment has a number of Commonwealth Supported Places (CSP) within the Master of Agriculture and Environment coursework program available for domestic students. This means that the Australian government contributes toward the cost of your study and you pay a partial ‘student contribution’ amount. CSPs are awarded based on academic merit and are not means tested.


The Faculty of Agriculture and Environment has been the leader in modern agricultural programs for over 100 years. The Faculty is renowned for its activities at the interface between applied science and economics, providing you with an outstanding education and making you highly competitive in today's employment market. Our strong research culture is aligned to areas of strategic national and international importance, and offers extensive engagement with industry. The Faculty's academic staff publish widely in their fields of expertise and have attained national and international recognition for their research and have close links with other relevant departments at the University of Sydney.

How to apply