International Specialisation

Students have the opportunity to gain an international specialisation in the Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, Environmental Systems and Food and Agribusiness. This unique combination of agricultural, environmental, food and economic sciences and international experience will see students develop an understanding of the complexities of managing agricultural and environmental systems in a global context, in an environmentally sustainable way. The international specialisation will engender a capacity for innovative problem solving in the production, supply and management of animal and plant products, with a focus on the sustainability of the system in the face of environmental challenges and a burgeoning global population. Global experiences better equip students for current and future global challenges. The specializations are available to high achieving students, via international partner universities. Each partner university will offer an internationally taught component to students, usually in second year. For example, the University of Nottingham can provide European and/or Asian learning experiences for Sydney students at their Nottingham and/or Malaysian campuses.


To be considered for the international specialisation program, a student needs to have achieved a minimum of a credit average.

How to apply

Students who wish to apply for the International Specialisation will need to apply through the University’s exchange program

Once accepted for that program, then students can apply for entry to the International Specialisation. The application will be considered by the Dean’s delegate of the Faculty of Agriculture and Environment. This is a merit-based selection process and places are limited.


Assessment and marks earned at the international host institution will count towards the student’s WAM (weighted average mark), AAM (annual average mark) and final marks.

The international host institution’s assessment policies and processes will apply to the studies undertaken there. These will be converted to University of Sydney marks and grades, and approved by the Dean’s delegate.

Approved Universities