Outreach in Action

The sustainability of the natural and financial systems of our planet is of vital importance to the next generation. We believe that staying connected to the community is the best way of getting the latest research, passion and understanding of sustainability into society. These community links also help us to maintain our sharp research focus, and to positively influence policy at local, national and international levels.

Current postgraduate student Zoe running a workshop with high schoolers

We have three outreach focuses:

Young people are curious about carbon, food and water. To assist teachers of science, agriculture and economics, the Faculty of Agriculture and Environment offers interactive workshops or careers talks to high school students both on and off campus.

  • General Community

We are proud to present our cutting edge research and facilities around NSW throughout the year. The Faculty hosts an annual Research Symposium in Sydney, plus puts on open days at the Plant Breeding Institute Cobbitty and I. A. Watson Grains Research Institute Narrabri. Community consultation forums around specific activities, such as the John B. Pye CANEN project, are also well-attended throughout the year.

  • Industry stakeholders, policy makers and media

The relevancy of our research has been maintained for decades due to the excellent relationship between the Faculty and Industry. Regular stakeholders conferences and media events are hosted by the academic team at the Faculty, such as the Soil Carbon Summit held in February 2011.