The Quest for Quality Food 2014 Research Symposium

Quest for Quality Food

On Tuesday 15 July, The Faculty of Agriculture and Environment hosted the 2014 Research Symposium. The Symposium titled - The Quest for Quality Food brought together international and Australian experts to present their latest research and ideas on innovations to drive the industry’s future. Attendees became aware of the newest approaches to ensuring safety and quality of food products and developing new products for optimal health.

Each of the ten presentations was informative and enlightening. Symposium speakers have provided their presentations on the links below. We invite you to review the presentations and forward to others as appropriate.




University of Guelph, Canada

Dr Rickey Yada received his PhD from the Department of Food Science at the University of British Columbia in 1984. He has served as Chair of the Department of Food Science and as the Assistant Vice President Research, both at the University of Guelph. He is presently a Professor in the Department of Food Science, a Canada Research Chair in Food Protein Structure and the Scientific Director of the Food Institute, University of Guelph as well as the Scientific Director of the Advanced Foods and Materials Canada Network.

Dr Yada has participated on numerous research awards panels and committees, both at the national and international levels. Among other activities, he is the Past Chair of the Scientific Council and President-Elect of the International Union of Food Science and Technology (IUFoST), is the North American Editor for Trends in Food Science and Technology and is on the editorial boards for several journals. He is the author of over 180 refereed journal publications and several book chapters.

Dr Yada is a Fellow of the Canadian Institute of Food Science and Technology, the International Academy of IUFoST and the Institute of Food Technologists and in October 2014, Dr Yada will assume the Deanship of the Faculty of Land and Food Systems at the University of British Columbia.


General Manager Innovation, Capabilities and Skills
Food Innovation Australia Ltd

Barry is a is a food scientist by training with a PhD in food science that targeted oxidation reduction in dairy products which helped reduce the losses in export milk powder and improved the capability of chocolate manufacture. While Barry initially taught at both University of Queensland and RMIT, he has over 25 yrs in the food manufacturing industry.

Most of his time has been in fundamental or product and process R&D and technical strategy leadership across a wide range of products including cheese, Vegemite, smallgoods and pasta. Barry has also combined has technical skills with 5 yrs leading marketing and innovation initiatives in leading food manufacturers giving him a unique blend of insights into both the technical and commercial arenas.

More recently Barry has been part of a Victorian Government sponsored consortium supporting connectivity of small and medium businesses to research with an environmental impact. In his current role Barry is assisting the creation of clusters of collaboration across the whole of the food and beverage supply chain to deliver opportunities, innovation that make for sustained business success in both domestic and export markets.


Technical and New Business Development Manager at Tomato Exchange

Godfrey Dol is the Technical and New Business Development Manager at Tomato Exchange, subsidiary of Costa Exchange, Australia’s largest fresh produce supplier. He has over thirty years’ experience in growing tomatoes in glasshouses across three continents. During the past 18 years Godfrey has grown tomatoes in Australia, first in Bundaberg Qld and later in Guyra NSW where he set up a 20 Ha project growing high tech tomatoes. A further 10 hectares of new glasshouse is now under development.

Godfrey is an expert in anything to do with glasshouse tomatoes, from design and construction to climate, integrated pest, water, fertiliser, waste, quality and labour management. He has contributed to the rapid change from backyard operations to professional large scale glasshouse in Australia. He was recently recognised for his contributions to agriculture as a joint winner of the NSW Farmer of the year awards.


Chief Executive Officer
Perfection Fresh Australia Pty Ltd

Michael has been involved in the produce industry from a young age, having grown up and worked in the retail side of the industry until he was 18. He then studied and practiced accountancy for six years. In 1984, he joined Perfection Fresh as part of the sales team. He was appointed general manager in 1988 and became CEO in November, 1991, when he and his brothers, John and Vincent, took control of the company. He has been instrumental in taking his family-owned business from a small operation based at Sydney Markets, to a major national and international marketer of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Under Michael’s direction, Perfection Fresh has introduced more than 20 new horticultural products to the Australian market, including new varieties such as Broccolini© baby broccoli and The Original™. Michael also introduced the concept of ‘branded’ fruit and vegetables to Australia, using trademarks to protect Perfection Fresh’s exclusive marketing rights.


Director, IA Watson Research Centre, Narrabri
The University of Sydney

Professor Richard Trethowan has a PhD from the University of Sydney and was appointed as Professor of Plant Breeding in the Faculty of Agriculture and Environment in 2006. Professor Trethowan is interested in developing crop cultivars that use water more efficiently and better adapt to increasingly hostile production conditions. This work benefits the agriculture industry in many ways: it increases productivity, raises income and improves the sustainability of farming systems.

Professor Trethowan is currently the Director of the IA Watson Grain Research Centre with the Plant Breeding Institute at the University of Sydney where he leads various national and international initiatives that aim to improve crop productivity in stressed environments