Precision Agriculture Research and Application in Australasia

In 1997, the Australian Centre for Precision Agriculture began conducting a one-day Symposium on Precision Agriculture Research and Application in Australasia. The Symposium is always a relaxed and enjoyable means of discussing the progress and direction of Precision Agriculture in Australasia.

It is aimed at providing an insight into, and inspiration from, the work being undertaken to develop and apply PA in a wide range of agricultural industries. Research and government institutions along with farmers, commercial suppliers, advisors and anyone with an interest in the future of agriculture are welcome to participate.

This makes it a truly industry-wide forum for PA in Australasia.

As the interest in PA continues to rise nationally (and within the Australasian region) we are keen to capture the enthusiasm being generated in many new and established organisations, associations and groups.

This event is now conducted as a collaboration between the Precision Agriculture Laboratory and SPAA Precision Agriculture Australia.

Visit the archive page for a copy of the Proceedings from any of the past Symposia.

2014 Symposium on PA Research and Application in Australasia

The 17th Symposium on PA in Australasia was held at the AAMI Stadium in Adelaide on the 2nd and 3rd September 2014.

This is one of the longest running PA gatherings in the world, and at this year's event over 120 participants were treated to a program of exciting and enlightening presentations on PA across agricultural industries.

Exciting topics covered included:

  • PA innovation, trials and applications in broadacre cropping
  • Precision Viticulture
  • GNSS developments
  • UAVs
  • Precision Livestock Management
  • Mobile Software Applications
  • Farm-wide communications
  • Autonomous machines and implements
  • Economics
  • The Future

Supported by a unique gathering of equipment, software and expertise in the Trade Display.

Visit the archive page for a copy of the 2014 Proceedings and those of the previous years.