Spatial prediction and digital map making

Maps built using techniques suited to the quality and quantity of spatial data.

At the ACPA we have developed computer software that allows us to build surface maps using prediction techniques that are scientifically robust and tailored to each data set. Many prediction techniques that are applied in Precision Agriculture are not sensitive to the quality or quantity of the original data. With thousands of data points saved in operations such as real-time yield monitoring, it is important to get the most information from this data. Our research has lead us to the conclusion that the data from many 'continuous sensors' requires specific treatment to deal with the sampling processes and errors that remain in the point to point data.

State-of-the-art prediction techniques are used to ensure that the magnitude and pattern of yield variability displayed in the final map can be confidently interpreted. Each data layer is predicted onto a 5 metre grid that allows for comparison of different layers at the same points in a paddock. The results are made available in digital and hard-copy formats.

At the ACPA, Vesper has been specifically designed to provide the required flexibility in prediction parameters for all your mapping needs.