Training assistance offered by the PA Laboratory

The PA Laboratory offers training materials and guidance to all levels of the agricultural sector. Individual farmers, grower groups, agribusiness, consultants, school and tertiary students, lecturers and researchers are all encouraged to contact the PA Lab for help in tailoring material to suit specific requirements.

The PA Lab also maintains and updates a set of education/training modules on important aspects of PA that were developed by the ACPA and the GRDC .

The modules are a library of relevant information that can be used to teach specific aspects of PA or provide a full appreciation of PA technologies, techniques and applications at a range of skill/knowledge levels.

The modules are now being used by various groups in a number of training programs around the country. They are also suitable for personal education. They are freely available to the agricultural education and farming sectors.

Visit the educational resources page to find out more.

At the tertiary level, the PA lab maintains a set of lecture presentation and practical materials designed to support a semester length tertiary level PA course . Developed by the ACPA and GRDC, the material presently comprises 764 slides covering 12 primary topics with example practical material and a GIS-based case study. The material has been freely distributed to 16 Australian tertiary education institutions that teach agriculture.

Contact the PA Laboratory to discuss your education requirements.