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Soil Spectral Inference Workshop

Soil Spectral Inference Workshop

Soil spectroscopy has become a hot topic in soil science in the past few years. However most work is still being developed for research.
This workshop will make the research work on soil infrared spectroscopy available for practical use!
For the first time, this two-day intensive workshop will present all you need to know about soil spectral inference.
The Soil Security Lab at the University of Sydney will host presenters from 4 world-class institutions to guide you through the fundamental principles of NIR spectroscopy and ‘hands-on’ computer practicals.
Learn how to process your visible, NIR, and MIR data, derive robust calibration models, and make inferences of various soil properties, including soil carbon and mineralogy using the increasingly popular open-source statistical software program, R.
All code will be made available so you will be able to process your own data.

Topics that will be covered include:

  • Principles of NIR spectroscopy
  • Sample preparation
  • Data import and preparation
  • Data pre-processing: smoothing, de-trending, removing baseline, continuum removal
  • Filtering: Savitzky-Golay, wavelets
  • Data visualisation
  • Principal component analysis, biplots
  • Calibration process: PLS, Cubist
  • Identifying domains of prediction and outliers
  • Detecting clay mineral suites
  • Soil spectral inference
  • Making it work in the field
  • Removing the effects of moisture, etc. using External Parameter Orthogonalisation (EPO)
  • Building & using a Soil Spectral Library

Prerequisite: Basic familiarity with R and soil spectral data.

Optional short introduction to R course will be made available on 3 April (half a day) to those who required it.


The University of Sydney: Sebastian Campbell, Brendan Malone, Budiman Minasny, Alex McBratney & Nathan Odgers

IRSTEA, France: Veronique Bellon-Maurel, Alexia Gobrecht

Texas A&M University: Cristine Morgan

University of Florida: Sabine Grunwald

When: 4-5 April 2013, 9 am-5 pm (Optional Intro to R: 3 April 1-5 pm)


Soil Security Lab, Department of Environmental Sciences, The University of Sydney, Australian Technology Park, Eveleigh, 1 Central Avenue, NSW 2015, Australia

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Fee: $500 or $400 for students; Additional R Intro ($50)