Key People

The PBI is served by 4 outstanding scientists leading their area of expertise. Peter Sharp, overall PBI Director, Professor of Molecular Plant Breeding; Richard Trethowan, PBI Narrabri Director, Professor of Plant Breeding; Prof. Robert Park, GRDC Chair of Rust Research; and Prof. Robert Park, Judith and David Coffey Chair in Sustainable Agriculture.

PBI Director

Prof. Peter Sharp: "We cover the spread of plant breeding research from molecular studies to field sized experiments."

Director, IA Watson Grains Research Centre, Narrabri

Prof. Richard Trethowan: "Our aim is to provide the essential research that underpins grain production in the Northern Australian"

GRDC Chair of Cereal Rust Research

Prof. Robert Park: "We are involved in cereal rust research with a very strong emphasis on disease control by resistance breeding."

Judith and David Coffey Chair in Sustainable Agriculture

Prof. Robert Park: His research interests include genetic variability in all cereal rust pathogens and the genetics of resistance to these diseases in their respective hosts.

PBI Staff

The PBI staff all work together to achieve success nationally and internationally. All staff contribute to the well being and friendly environment of the Institute.

PBI Success

The integration of all our staff together has provided a strength in unity and expertise. All groups at PBI interact together and this provides a fertile ground of ideas.